Employment Law Events

We understand that keeping ahead of the game is not easy when it comes to Employment Law legislation…so we do the work for you!

Our Employment Law seminars and masterclasses are aimed at HR professionals and Management, although the information is relevant for anyone in business.   We turn the legal jargon into practical issues which you can relate to.   By doing this, we ensure that you are informed on how legal issues and the changing employment law environment will affect you.

Free Employment Law Seminars

We aim to cover a variety of topics in 2018; the free employment law seminars we will be running in 2018 include: 

Statistics released in March 2017 from Office for National Statistics showed that 137 million working days were lost through sickness absence in 2016.  While this may be the lowest since records began in 1993, employers are still uncertain when managing an employee on long or short term sickness absence.  In this seminar, we will explain to you how to manage these employees, with some do’s and don’ts along the way!

Our final seminar of the year is always a time for us to embrace the festive period...and what better way to do that than bring you a seminar reviewing any new legislation introduced throughout the year, and to look ahead to 2019.  We may not quite be able to present 12...but we will ensure you are ready to face what lies ahead of you in the New Year!

Employment Law Masterclasses

Along with our schedule of free employment law seminars, we also offer a range of employment law masterclasses.  Our masterclasses, run by our expert team of employment lawyers, are run for much smaller audiences, therefore allowing us to examine topics in more detail than the seminars allow.

Our 2018 employment law masterclasses include:

Unfortunately, conducting grievance and disciplinary hearings are part of workplace life, however they can be daunting to hold if they are unfamiliar territory. That’s where our final masterclass of the year can help, as we run through the practical side of disciplinary and grievance proceedings, as well as a reminder of the legalities.

Further details for the events will be released nearer the time…to make sure you don’t miss out on being the first to receive them directly, email events@warnergoodman.co.uk

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