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Quality Policy


This is the Firm’s policy for quality of service (“Quality Policy”). 

The Quality Policy is implemented via the Quality System and CASE management. The Quality System comprises:

  • the Quality Standard (“the Quality Manual”) published on the intranet;
  • the Staff Handbook (“the Staff Handbook”) published on the intranet;
  • other documented policies and procedures published on the intranet;
  • CASE workflows and procedures incorporated in the Practice Database’s  CASE Management systems (“CASE”);
  • specific Quality Manuals for Financial Services; and
  • specific Residential Conveyancing policies required for the Conveyancing Quality Scheme published on the intranet



The Quality Policy has been created to achieve outstanding client care with the following objectives in mind:

  • to provide a high and consistent standard of service to the Firm’s clients;
  • to maintain high standards of efficiency and competence;
  • to provide a central reference point for existing and new members of staff to clarify the Firm’s procedures and policies;
  • to provide an operational and risk management framework designed to minimise the Firm’s exposure to complaints and negligence claims;
  • to assist the Firm in complying with the requirements of the LawNet Quality Standard.

The Firm aims to continuously improve the quality of its service.  Quality of service must be judged in the light of the retainer the Firm enters into with its clients, the objective being to match the expectations that both parties have when agreeing terms.

The Partners have different roles within the Firm and are committed to applying the Quality Policy to their roles and areas of responsibility.  The Partners contribute to the Firm’s development, with an emphasis on leadership, motivation and personal development of staff and of the Partners themselves.

Responsibility for Policy and Review

The Quality Partner is responsible for the Quality Policy.  The policy is reviewed annually at the Management Review Meeting to verify that it is in effective operation across the Firm and to consider any necessary changes.

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