Sarah Whitemore

Sarah Whitemore


Sarah joined in 1992 as a Trainee Solicitor with her early training predominantly in Civil Litigation.   Sarah now leads the Peace of Mind team within the Employment Law department, focussing on working with employers to ensure they are kept up to date with every aspect of employment law.

Prior to joining the firm, she read Law at Southampton University, where she obtained a (rare) First Class Honours from the Law Society’s Finals Course.  During her time studying for her LLB, she was sent for her work placement to the Courts of Justice in London Road and enjoyed it so much she refused to go back.  Sarah chose to specialise in Employment Law after her first daughter was born.  She was singled out in the 2002-2003 edition of Chambers Guide to the UK Legal Profession, for her work with employment law matters and, in particular, her ‘hard work on behalf of applicants whilst maintaining a balanced practice for individuals and employers’.

Alongside the people she works for and the stories they tell her, what Sarah enjoys most about being an employment lawyer is the ability to do a deal for someone that gets them out of a situation which is not working for either side.  Facilitating the ability to move on is the name of the game, although Sarah may say it’s perhaps not a very catchy one!

If you have read Howard Robson or Emma Kemp’s profiles previous to this, you may think that the Employment Team is a very sporty and adrenalin-seeking one, what with Emma’s love of badminton and Howard’s obsession with jumping out of aeroplanes!  Sarah however is the exception; as the closest she’s come to sport is watching Take That at Wembley and Lady Gaga at Twickenham!  

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I have worked with WG now for about 18 months and have always found them to be extremely helpful when dealing with difficult staffing issues. Employment law can sometimes be quite complex and they are able to explain it in a way that is easy to understand - they have been invaluable to me over the last 6 months and I would highly recommend their services.

In the last 14 months more so, the support and advice you have given me and my company is second to none. The reassurance that you have our backs and the amazing COVID updates regarding employment and support to me as an employer has allowed me to focus on the business and not fall into legal minefields.

This has been a long haul, and I have been kept going by repeating the words that you mentioned, “Each day is one day closer to the end!”  Thank you so, so much for captaining us through this, and reaching a good conclusion. Everything is a learning curve and we have learnt so much through this; you have led us by the hand and kept us sane (most of the time, anyway).  And now I can breathe!

Sarah Whitemore was friendly and very professional in her approach. She was excellent in every aspect i.e communications, understanding my needs etc. I was very satisfied with the service provided and would highly recommend her and the organisation.

Sarah was fantastic, highly professional and extremely good at what she does.

Please pass on my thanks to Sarah and Nicole – they managed the day with something approaching Zen like calm!

I worked with Sarah when she gave me a second opinion on a particularly challenging, and stressful, employment situation that I was facing. Having spoken to several lawyers along the way, Sarah stood head and shoulders above the rest in terms of her ability to explain clearly, and at the appropriate level of detail, what my options were, and the different strategies that I could employ. Her recommendations also demonstrated that beyond any doubt, her primary commitment was to my best interests as a prospective client, rather than to her ability to generate additional fees. Furthermore, her ability to instill confidence and provide assurance were absolutely superb, and a huge comfort at such a time of stress. I would definitely recommend Sarah to anyone facing a difficult employment situation.

We have been working with the Warner Goodman Peace of Mind team for 2 years, and they have always provided helpful solid advice, and are quick to respond to our queries. It is very reassuring to know that we have their support with complex legal issues, and Sarah and her team are always available to sense check our approach to HR issues. The regular seminars and masterclasses have been extremely useful for CPD, and keeping up to date with case law and upcoming employment law changes, always interspersed with a good dose of humour!

Sarah is approachable and knowledgeable and knows our business well. I am always made to feel that we areas Sarah's only client as she always provides a personable service to us.

Joining Peace of Mind has been one of the best decisions we have taken since starting the business with my partner back in 2010.  Their in depth HR knowledge will be instrumental in the continued growth and development of our company. I highly recommend their services to any business, large or small. Employing staff is such a complex process to do these days; with Warner Goodman and their team of HR and Employment Law advisors, the Peace Of Mind scheme literally takes all the stresses and strains away.  Their advice should you need it is always clear and concise,  which gives me that reassurance that someone is there to help and support me every step of the way and allowing me to focus on what I do best.

I also wanted to say thank you to Sarah and the team who are working so hard to keep us all up to date; it’s a great support and really valued by me.