Debt Recovery Solicitors

It is only natural for businesses to occasionally experience cash flow issues, whether that is due to seasonality, unexpected expenses, cancelled orders or an external force outside of their control. 

However, when a business experiences issues and cannot pay an outstanding invoice owed to you after services or goods have been delivered, this will in turn impact your own cash flow, which is the foundation of your business.  Any late payments will have a detrimental effect on your profitability, your ability to pay your own creditors and potentially your reputation.  In extreme cases, reduced cash flow could even mean the difference between the survival or the demise of your business. 

Whether you are a business owner, Finance Director or Credit Controller, the burden of responsibility for managing the finances is on your shoulders, as will any cash flow issues.  Chasing unpaid debts is stressful and time consuming, inevitably leading to frustration and added pressure to secure the debt.

This is where we can help.

Our experienced Debt Recovery team has over 35 years of experience of recovering debts, and are well equipped to remove that pressure from you.  We don’t provide an automated service; quite the opposite.  From the start of your relationship with us we will take you through each stage of recovering the debt, while also reviewing your credit control processes, advising as to where changes can be made to improve your long term strategy and streamline your invoicing capabilities, offering you a bespoke service as we appreciate that one size does not fit all. 

Achieving the delicate balance between being forceful enough to encourage payment while keeping an ongoing relationship is crucial; something that we have many years of experience in handling.  We will take into account the historical relationship you have with the business in question and decide, with you, the right course of action to acquire the debt owed to you.  In most cases, our approach leads to settling out of Court, leaving you with invoices paid and relationships in tact.

How we can help you

Our Debt Recovery team can provide swift and successful action to reclaim the debt, securing your cash flow for the future.  Our team specialises in commercial debt recovery, working with businesses who regularly invoice their customers and suppliers and are struggling to manage their cash flow due to late payments of those invoices.  Leaving a debt outstanding for too long could lead to the debtor defaulting completely, and so our aim is to settle quickly and amicably out of Court, causing as little disruption to your own cash flow as possible.

We will support you throughout each of the four stages of debt recovery, including:

  1. Pre-action protocol, designed to remedy the situation and reclaim the debt without the need to pursue further legal action.
  2. If pre-action protocol is unsuccessful, we will then issue proceedings to the Court.
  3. Manage the Court proceedings, such as the County Court Judgment.
  4. Assist you with any enforcement that is required.

Even prior to these stages of debt recovery, we will review the debt outstanding, the debtor’s financial situation and the impact the debt is having on your business, discussing with you the other options open to you, such as offering payment plans and other forms of agreement.  We thrive on not only recovering your debts, but also reviewing your whole credit control procedure to assist you in avoiding similar situations in the future.  We look at our dealings with you as a partnership, and will act accordingly when providing our expert debt recovery advice.

What makes our Debt Recovery team different?

When faced with an outstanding debt, you will be looking for legal advice and support that will secure your debt in a timely manner, taking the stress off you and placing it onto your debtor.  Our success can be attributed to the following key benefits of partnering with us on your credit control matters:

Pricing Model

Our revolutionary pricing model has recently been overhauled to minimise the upfront cost to you in chasing the debt and takes advantage of Late Payment of Commercial Debts legislation.  Our pricing is based on our confidence in returning your money to you in an easy to understand structure.

Our Approach

We adopt an innovative approach to debt recovery; not only securing your unpaid debts but also reviewing your entire credit control procedure to streamline your processes for the future.  This is a bespoke service, tailored to you, your business and your overall objectives.

Our Software

To enable us to understand the best approach with each particular debtor, our unique access to cloud based software allows us to investigate and monitor company credit scores and financial health to identify emerging risks.

Links with third parties

We work closely with the UK’s largest judicial services group, enabling a smooth transition through each stage of recovering the debt.

Our Case Management System

Our leading case management system specialises in debt recovery procedures.  Our valuable time is therefore spent working with you to find a solution instead of burdening you and us with unnecessary paperwork.

No hidden charges

There are no hidden charges involved in our pricing structure so you will be clear from the first day of working with us as to the costs involved in recovering the debt.

We are Solicitors

Using a firm of Solicitors to recover your debt is always advisable to safeguard your interests.  We are regulated by several organisations and industry bodies, we are able oversee the whole recovery in-house as well as review your current practices offering a tailored approach for the future.

Wider Commercial network

As part of a law firm, we are supported by a wider department of Commercial Solicitors who can offer their advice for any other business concern you may have, including our Litigation and Dispute Resolution team who can advise you should the debt owed to you be defended.

Over the years, our Debt Recovery specialists have built an enviable reputation in obtaining swift payment of outstanding debts in a commercially sensitive and pragmatic manner.  We can help any business in any industry recover their debts owed by another business, with particular expertise in the recruitment, manufacturing, food and dairy, distribution, supply chain, hospitality and retail sectors.  Most of our clients have been with us for years, demonstrating our success in the partnership we have developed with them. 

To discuss your outstanding debt and to find out more about how we can assist you in securing this and all future debts, contact Brian Kirby on 023 8071 7421 or email

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