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Our Pricing

We know that as well as looking for excellent service from your law firm, you will also be looking to understand how our costings work.  Being aware of the potential costs allows you to plan for your budget, and we will keep you informed every step of the way as to the costs involved.

For some departments, we are able to explain in further detail the expected costs and provide you with examples of what factors may cause these to fluctuate.  Those departments are listed below; if the department you are looking for is not listed, do contact the team for more details and to receive an accurate estimate.

For property

Moving home will be a time of change for your family and understanding the costs is important.  You can obtain an estimate on your moving costs using our Obtain a Conveyancing Estimate Calculator.

For you and your family

Employment Tribunal claim for employees

We spend most of our time at work and it is important that any issues are resolved promptly and efficiently.  We can work with you and your employer to do just this to attempt to reach a resolution, however if this cannot be done we can guide you through bringing a tribunal claim against them. 

Probate and estate administration

The death of a loved one will always be an emotional and distressing time, without thinking of the next steps in terms of probate and estate administration.  We can help support you through this time with understanding and pragmatic advice to allow you the time necessary to grieve and make plans in as straight forward a manner as possible.  

For business

Employment Tribunal claim for employers

Your employees form the foundation of your business and comes with many responsibilities in terms of managing them.  You will not only need to consider their productivity and meeting their own targets, but also their welfare and ensuring you following legislation when changes need to be made.  You could face a situation where a something has not been managed properly or an error in your handbooks or contracts leads to a Tribunal claim against you.  If you find yourself in this situation, we can help defend you at tribunal and work towards the best outcome for your business.  

Debt Recovery

Outstanding invoice payments is a common problem for all businesses and will naturally cause disruption in your finances, productivity and your supply chain.  We can work with you to recover those debts owed to you to allow stability to return.  


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