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Becoming injured or suffering from an illness will have life changing consequences for you and your loved ones.  You may need to take time off work, leaving you concerned about paying your bills and supporting your family.  Following a serious injury, you may need to make changes to your home or consider any future care needs. 

Our Personal Injury Solicitors in Southampton are here to help.  If your injury or illness was caused by the fault of a third party, you may be able to claim compensation which can help relieve any of the financial stress you and your family may be feeling.  By coming to us, you will receive a free review of your potential claim for compensation and you will be treated with respect, dignity and understanding in helping you rebuild your life; we will not only help you claim compensation but can also discuss other needs such as rehabilitation or counselling services. 

Very pleased from day one to the eventual outcome. Kept up to speed with the very many avenues and changes as things progressed and finally ended in a positive outcome for me.

Our Personal Injury Solicitors in Southampton can help you or your loved ones for any of the following situations:

We know that this will be an unnerving time in your life and so our team can assist you in answering your questions, such as:

Can I make a claim for compensation following an accident?

Our expert Personal Injury team are able to assist you in making a claim if you have been injured in any of the above circumstances and the cause of the injury was not your fault.  There are certain criteria for bringing a claim including, but not limited to:

  • You have a time limit of three years from the date of the accident to bring a claim if you are over 18 years of age.
  • Your time limit changes if you are under 18 years old when the accident occurs, in which case you have until you are 21 to bring your claim.  
  • The time limit also changes if you have an accident on holiday, changing to two years in most situations.  

What evidence do you need to support my claim for compensation?

In order to prove that a third party is liable for the accident, there will be evidence required to support this in the form of photos or videos taken at the time of the incident, witness statements as well as any accident report forms that were completed at the time.

In terms of supporting your claim for compensation, we will be required to apply for a full medical report as well as your medical history notes from your GP, and will look to you to supply us with details of your financial losses, whether that is loss of earnings, travel expenses and medical bills, to name a few.

Will I have to go to Court for my compensation claim?

Occasionally, the other side or their insurance company does not accept liability, in which case we may need to discuss the situation with a barrister who can offer their expert opinion.  In the majority of cases, the prospect of going to Court will lead to a settlement before proceedings start, and we will use our years of negotiating skills to secure you the best possible outcome.  In the rare event that you are required in Court, we will work closely with you and your barrister to guide you every step of the way and ensure you feel at ease.  

Can you support me with rehabilitation following my accident?

The service you will receive from our expert Personal Injury team is not purely about claiming financial compensation, but also about helping you rebuild your new life and making the transition as smooth as possible for you and your family.  This can include putting you in touch with our network of rehabilitation specialists and securing interim compensation payments where possible to pay for such provisions.  You can be assured that by using us, you will receive much more than a Personal Injury Solicitor, but a trusted team of people who can help you move forward.  

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