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When we go to work, we do not expect our life to change forever. 

Unfortunately, over 690,000 working people sustain an injury every year according to figures from the Labour Force Survey in 2019/20.  After an accident of this nature, you will be feeling vulnerable and uncertain about what lies in store, wondering how your recovery will impact your future, whether you will be able to continue work and how to approach the subject of safety with your employer.

We understand all of these feelings, and are here to help you.

If you have sustained an injury at work within the last three years and your employer was at fault, you may be able to bring a claim for compensation against them and receive the financial support needed to rebuild your life.  Even if you believe you may have been partly at fault, we would still advise contacting us as your employer may not have provided you with the appropriate training or equipment to complete your tasks safely.

Can I be dismissed for bringing a compensation claim against my employer?

Your employer has a duty to make sure your workplace is a safe one and it is their responsibility to ensure there is no danger to you, regardless of whether you operate machinery or work in an office.  This means providing:

  • a safe workplace free of obstructions;
  • regular risk assessments and health and safety checks;
  • the appropriate personal protective equipment such as gloves, masks, boots etc;
  • equipment and tools that are in good working order and well maintained; and
  • adequate training to complete your tasks. 

Your employer may be directly liable for your accident, or it may be that they are liable because they failed to take action when there was an issue.  Alternatively, they may be vicariously liable if your accident was caused by a colleague. We can discuss the circumstances of your accident and ascertain which is applicable to your situation.

Following an injury you may need to take time off, or you may have had a reduction in pay as a result of an accident and you are worried about the future.  We appreciate that you may also be concerned about the resulting consequences for your career when bringing a claim against your employer.  Most employers will have the necessary insurance in place to protect them against compensation claims if an accident does happen in the work place.  This means that any compensation that is payable to you will come from the insurance company and not directly from your employer.

As an employee, you have rights not to be treated detrimentally for making such a claim.  If this does happen, you may have grounds to make a claim for unfair dismissal or constructive unfair dismissal.  We know that you will be concerned and so we can put you in touch with our colleagues in our Employment Law team to put your mind at rest.

How should I proceed after an accident at work?

Following an accident at work, where possible you should follow these steps:

  • Report the accident to the appropriate health and safety representative.
  • Record the details in the accident book.
  • Discuss with your employer whether they have reported the accident to the Health and Safety Executive.
  • Take photos, videos and collect witness statements if you can.
You should then contact us as soon as possible to discuss your accident so we can advise as to your likelihood of being successful in making a claim for compensation, and we can put you in contact with the relevant medical professionals and rehabilitation services to aid your physical and mental recovery.


What types of accident at work can I make a claim for?

Workplace accidents can happen in a number of different ways, with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) reporting that in 2019/20, 29% of workplace injuries were caused by slips, trips or falls from the same level, 19% by handling, lifting or carrying, 11% caused by a moving object and 8% were falls from height. 

We can assist you if you suffer any of the following types of accidents at work:

  • Construction site and building site accidents
  • Accidents within the care industry
  • Forklift injuries
  • Defective machinery where this is directly faulty and not maintained to the safety standard, it is not fit for purpose or has been erected incorrectly.
  • Defective PPE
  • Health and safety breach
  • Lifting injuries with the most common types of injuries arising from lifting boxes or crates and there being a lack of appropriate training, affecting a person’s back, neck or shoulders.  Accidents are normally caused if the object being lifted is too big or heavy, or if the path is obstructed.
  • Falls from height, which are common injuries in construction settings, with falls occurring from scaffolding, ladders, cranes and roofs. 
  • Factory or warehouse accidents
  • Exposure to dangerous substances
  • Manual handling injuries
  • Care industry and carer incidents
  • Scaffolding accident


Accidents of this nature can result in serious, life changing injuries, such as fractures or even amputations, head and brain injuries, and back and spinal injuries.  Claims can also be quite complex, particularly in the construction industry where it can be difficult to ascertain who is at fault, whether that is the construction company, architect, site manager, equipment manufacturer or surveyor. 

It is therefore important that you receive the right legal advice in a timely fashion.  A number of us in the Personal Injury team specialise in employer liability claims, and can clearly advise you of the process of making a compensation claim if you have had an accident at work, and can re-assure you along the way. 

In recent years, we have helped in the following situations:

  • A typist received £3,500 after developing pains in her wrists as a result of using a new laptop computer supplied by her employer which caused her pain and discomfort
  • Following an accident at work, we helped our client recover over £80,000 after his hand was crushed, leaving him with permanent damage.

If you have had an accident at work, find out how we can help you by calling us today on 0800 91 92 30 or email  You will receive a free review of your accident, during which we will discuss the severity of your injuries and the impact they have had on yours and your family's life.  We can then advise as to whether we can assist with your claim and provide you with further information and support regarding the process and any additional rehabilitation needs you may have. You can also discover how much compensation you could potentially receive by using our Personal Injury Compensation Calculator.

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