Debt Recovery Solicitors in Southampton

We appreciate that unpaid invoices will have a significant impact on your cash flow and subsequently on your ability to run your business.  We know that you will be looking for a swift resolution while also maintaining those business relationships for the future. 

Our specialist Debt Recovery Solicitors in Southampton can work with you to recover the money owed to you in a professional, approachable and effective way, drawing on our many years of experience to identify the correct path for you and your business.  There are several different pricing structures available depending on the number of debts you have outstanding, which you can find out more about on the Debt Recovery - Our Pricing section of our website.  Our pricing structure works in a way that removes the financial burden from you and places the risk firmly on our shoulders; we are confident that we can reclaim the debt owed to you and feel comfortable that we can achieve this.

What is the debt recovery process?

If you decide to instruct us, our initial step in the debt recovery process is to discuss with you the details of the outstanding debt and, if appropriate, we will write to the debtor explaining that payment is due through a Letter Before Action (LBA).  This letter will confirm with the debtor a number of key facts, including but not limited to:

  • how much is owed to you,
  • the date payment was due,
  • the terms and conditions that apply to the debt,
  • when payment is expected,
  • the fact that should payment not be received, further legal action will be followed.

In the majority of cases, a letter from a Solicitor will be enough to entice payment from the debtor, however if this is not the case, we would then support you with proceeding to Court, taking the stress off of your shoulders by liaising with the Court and completing the necessary paperwork.  This would apply to this stage of the process and if we need to proceed to the next step which is applying for a County Court Judgment.

If further enforcement is then needed, we can discuss the various options open to you depending on your situation and the debtor in question. 

It is always a pleasure dealing with Warner Goodman, and Brian is always very helpful and polite – as well as dealing with our instructions within a day of receiving them.  Excellent service.

Why should I use a Solicitor when recovering my debt?

You may feel tempted to produce a Letter Before Action yourself and attempt to manage the subsequent Court proceedings, however there are several compelling reasons why you should take the expert, legal advice from a Solicitor and in particular, why you should use our specialist team at Warner Goodman LLP:

  • As mentioned above, in the majority of cases an LBA from a Solicitor will induce payment from a debtor who has previously been avoiding paying your invoice.  
  • The debt recovery process is time consuming, stressful and the same approach cannot be applied to all of your debtors.  It will take time to investigate the reasons why they have not paid, tailor the approach for each organisation, follow up your letter, stay on top of the deadline dates that have been specified and complete the necessary paperwork.  All of this will be distracting you from your important role, which is running your business.
  • It is likely that you will not want to jeopardise your commercial relationships for the future and so having the right experience to know how to approach your debtor can make all the difference between whether that relationship will survive or come to an end.
  • By coming to us, we will not only assist in reclaiming the debt that is owed to you, but will examine your credit control process, advising as to how improve your efficiencies to minimise the risk of invoices going unpaid in the future.
  • Our software and case management system allow us unique insight into the financial position of your debtors, which in turn enables us to tailor the approach and maximise the chance of success in recovering the debt.  
  • As a firm of Solicitors, we are heavily regulated and so you can ensure that our advice is given to safeguard your business interests.  
  • We can make recommendations to our colleagues in our wider Commercial departments who can assist you, particularly if the debt owed to you become a litigious matter.

If you are looking for advice as to how best to recover any debts owed to you, or to find out more about how we can assist in streamlining your credit control processes, you can call Brian Kirby today on 023 8071 7421 or email

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