We understand that recovering financially is only part of your journey following an accident; you also need to recover physically. You may think that arranging rehabilitation is a separate matter from making a compensation claim when actually working with your Personal Injury Solicitor can help in securing rehabilitation as early as possible.

From the start of your claim with us, we will identify the appropriate level of rehabilitation you may need depending on the accident and injury you have sustained, the extent of your injuries and the most important thing; what you want to achieve.

If you have been injured and we are acting for you we will engage with insurers to begin the process of assessing the liability of the other party involved. We can then arrange rehabilitation for you either upon admission of liability if this isn’t obvious or following the medical report.

If you have had a serious accident and been left with catastrophic injuries involving your spine or brain, the process can be more complicated due to the complexity of the incident and the length of time you will need to recover.  However, we are still able to liaise with occupational therapists and nurses that you will need as your claim progresses.  We can work with them and yourselves to ascertain your needs in terms of physiotherapy, psychotherapy, occupational therapy, any domestic or accommodation needs you may have and returning to work.

The difference with using our expertise in this way means you can access rehabilitation as soon as your claim starts, not at the end.  We will support you in your journey to recover as quickly as possible. 

Under the Rehabilitation Code we have a responsibility to assist you with making these arrangements, so you can rest assured that by coming to us you will have all the support you need.

If you or a loved one has had an accident and you have questions about rehabilitation, you can call us today on 0800 91 92 30 or email  We will provide you with a free review of the circumstances surrounding your incident and injuries before confirming with you whether we can advise and take on your claim for compensation. You can also discover how much compensation you could potentially receive by using our Personal Injury Compensation Calculator.


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Very clear and simple and I felt at all times that I was treated like a person and not just an insurance claim.