Litigation and Dispute Resolution Solicitors in Southampton

If you’re involved in a dispute, perhaps with a neighbour, at work or with a business, you will be looking for somewhere to turn where you will receive reliable advice, helping you move towards a resolution.

Our Litigation and Dispute Resolution Solicitors in Southampton have many years experience of offering pragmatic advice, explaining all of the options to you meaning you can make an informed decision as to the next steps. 

There will be several different ways our skilled and knowledgeable team can work towards resolving your dispute.  Whether that be through our own negotiations, issuing legal proceedings in the Courts or Tribunals, or through Alternative Dispute Resolution, you can rest assured that our tailored service will keep your best interests at the heart of the matter, and seek to maintain your commercial and personal relationships.

I am very grateful for the way you dealt with me and the problems I had.  I would certainly come back to you if I had problems in the future.

How we can help with your dispute:

If you are experiencing a dispute within your business, we can assist you in the following ways:

For property related disputes, we can assist you with:

As well as the assistance our team can offer you or your business, you may also find the following information useful:

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Alternatively contact the team directly on:

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