Product Defect Compensation Claim

Manufacturers have a duty of care to ensure that the products they are supplying meeting health and safety requirements and are fit for purpose through robust testing and as consumers, we have expectations that the products we use will meet certain standards. 

If in any doubt, manufacturers should recall such products if they have already been distributed to protect the public from injury, or display the necessary warnings required to ensure proper use and alert the user to any hazards.

Where these duties have not been met and you have had an accident caused by a faulty product or service, we are here to help you make a claim for compensation and provide you with the necessary links to rehabilitation services or relevant charities who can support you on your journey to recovery.

We have vast knowledge when dealing with product liability accident claims, and will help and support you every step of the way. We can assist with a range of faulty product cases, including those involving:

  • Electrical goods that may cause burn injuries
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Equipment, for example a defective ladder or sports equipment
  • Building/window defects
  • Food poisoning or contaminated food products
  • Cosmetics, hair dye and hair salons causing hair loss or scarring

If you have sustained an injury due to a faulty product, find out how we can help you by calling us today on 0800 91 92 30 or email  You will receive a free review from our expert team who will discuss with you the details of the incident and the impact the subsequent injuries have had on your personal and work life.  From there, we will confirm with you your chances of success in a claim for compensation and explain the process further so you understand your position clearly before deciding whether to proceed. You can also discover how much compensation you could potentially receive by using our Personal Injury Compensation Calculator.

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