Words from our Employment Litigation clients

Outstanding! Efficient service, outlined everything in detail, helpful and friendly - highly recommend.

An excellent service provided whilst I was living in Oman – most professional and extremely clear advice and support received.

It was a pleasure working with Emma who was thoroughly professional at all times.

The opportunity for fairly informal exchange of emails was welcome – quick and effective, less stuffy/pompous than previous experience with legal firms.

Excellent direct support through a difficult process.

I was very satisfied with the service provided and found Lisa Joyce to be very helpful.

Excellent service.  Clear legal advice received.

I was very happy with the service.  Just what I needed in a high stress circumstance.

From the outset, I found the telephone staff courteous and very helpful, and it was their attitude that convinced me to use WG’s services.  Emma was professional and did exactly what we agreed in a timely manner.  I am very happy with all aspects of the service I received.

I was extremely pleased with your service, the way you explained how you could help me and for the outcome, I didn’t feel so naive when leaving as I did when entering your premises.

From the experience of the one time I have used your firm I do not think your service can be improved, you were professional and put me at ease.

Constructive unfair dismissal cases are awkward to prove.  I can see Howard has been by far the most helpful of those I approached initially on my case, showing a genuine passion to help me.

Just keep the friendly and approachable manner that your company has.

Kept me informed throughout, was knowledgeable, efficient and friendly – excellent service and a pleasure to deal with.

No need to improve a service that is already excellent.

Perfect as it was and will not hesitate to use again.


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Showed a genuine passion to help me.