Will Dispute Solicitors in Waterlooville

The passing of a loved one is a life altering event and the idea of disputing their Will can only cause more grief and turmoil.

If you are considering disputing a Will, you will need someone who can offer pragmatic and compassionate advice which will help you ascertain whether you would have a claim against the estate.

We appreciate every family is different and so our specialist Will Dispute Solicitors in Waterlooville will review your claim as a completely distinct and individual case. There are several grounds for being able to make a claim:

  • Pursuing or defending Inheritance Act claims
  • Disputing the validity of Will
  • Removing or appointing Personal Representatives or trustees
  • Breach of trust claims
  • Claims between beneficiaries, Personal Representatives, Executors and trustees in relation to estates and trust funds
  • Disputed Court of Protection applications

While you may have a legitimate claim, disputing a Will can cause emotional strain and even rifts between you and your family, which is why it’s essential to seek advice from professionals that have experience and knowledge of claims of this nature. We will guide you through step-by-step and help you secure an outcome that will let you move forward with your life.

Your legal representative dealt with this in a very professional, discrete and competent manner, as well as being kind, friendly and professional during the entire process. His prompt liaison with colleagues and third parties helped immensely.

Useful Resources

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