Partnership and shareholder disputes

No-one enters into business with another thinking that their relationship will turn sour. On occasion, however, relationships within business can break down and become irretrievable. The decision making with businesses can soon become deadlocked and the business itself can begin to fail. We are on hand to advise partnerships, directors and shareholders about their duties, rights and remedies and resolve disputes either by way of alternative dispute resolution or court proceedings.

Partnership disputes

Through dialogue and mediation we can assist partnerships in dispute to resolve their issues and reach an amicable agreement without the dispute escalating into legal proceedings. Where agreement can not be achieved, we have experience of conducting litigation to wind up partnerships and ensure the best return for the partnership assets is achieved.

Director's duties disputes

Directors of limited companies can have differences of opinion as to how best to run a business. Sometimes the actions of one director can be prejudicial to the interests of the other directors and the business as a whole. We are able to analyse the actions of a director and advise if there has been any breach of the company’s articles of association or a director has exceeded their duties.  We have extensive experience of resolving issues arising between co directors and taking legal action where necessary against directors for breach of their duties owed to the company.

Shareholder disputes

There is always a risk when investing into a company that you will not secure a return on your investment. What, however, if your shareholding is being prejudiced by the actions of the directors running the company? Having represented shareholders in the Companies Court, we are well placed to advise on the prospects of successfully securing an orders for a party’s shareholding in a company to be purchased for a fair value as well as holding director’s accountable for their the way in which they have carried out their duties and run the business.

Procedural applications - The Companies Act 2006

From time to time companies fail to comply with numerous obligations set out under the Companies Act 2006 and the only way to rectify matters is to make an application to the Companies Court. We have experience in making applications to and appearing before the Companies Court obtaining orders allowing companies to comply with the provisions of the Companies Act 2006.

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