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We understand that every family is different and so each individual who comes to us is treated in exactly that way; as an individual.  Our Family Solicitors in Fareham have years of experience in working with clients on a variety of family law situations and can tailor the advice given to you to your own family dynamic. 

Whether you are looking for advice on the next stages following a decision to divorce or separate, you cannot agree with your former partner or spouse on financial or children arrangements or you are looking to secure your future through a pre-nuptial or cohabitation agreement, we will work with you to find a solution right for you.  We will are not here to judge you or make decisions for you; instead to present you with all the options available to you and make the right decision that keeps any children in the relationship at the heart of your decision. 

Wonderful service from start to finish. Made a very stressful situation easier to manage.

How we can help you and your family:

The end of a relationship will be a difficult time for both parties, no matter the circumstances that have led to the decision.  There will be a variety of considerations to take into account, including living arrangements, children, finances and inevitably applying for divorce.  

Depending on the nature of your separation and the length of your marriage, you may be eligible to apply straight away or you may be required to separate for two or five years.  No matter your own situation, we have a number of different options available for you to suit your requirements and your budget, whether you wish for us to manage all of the paperwork and negotiations or you simply require a point in the right direction.  

Following a divorce or separation, you will need to make decisions as to where your children will live and how your financial assets will be divided.  For some, this can be an easy discussion however for others, this can lead to disagreements and hostility.  You may believe that you will end up in Court, placing your fate in the hands of the Judge, but this is not necessarily the case.  Family Mediation is now a required consideration before proceeding to Court, with a Mediation Information Assessment Meeting held to ascertain whether Family Mediation would be suitable and could lead to a resolution.  Family Mediation has proven success in resolving disputes of this nature without the need for attending Court, which is particularly important when children are involved in these discussions.

Discussions regarding pensions and the division of those pensions can be difficult following a divorce or separation, particularly regarding military pensions as these differ from state, public sector or private occupational pension.  In this situation, you will require a Solicitor who understands not only the emotional upheaval you will be facing with your divorce, but also who has experience of dealing with the various military pensions and the particular sharing orders that are available to you.

Buying a property with a partner, or moving into their property, will be an exciting time in your life and you may be planning on marriage in the future.  Until then, or if you decide against marriage, it is vital to understand the implications on your financial future should you separate at any stage.  While no couple makes this commitment with the view that they will one day separate, having a Cohabitation Agreement in place is a sensible and practical document to clarify how the property will be divided in the event of a separation. 

Pre-nuptial agreements are not only for the rich and famous; they can be extremely useful to any couple approaching marriage particularly if one party owns a business, has been the beneficiary of an inheritance or if you have children from a previous marriage.  A pre-nuptial agreement offers you and your soon-to-be spouse the necessary protections regarding your assets and sets the appropriate expectations before you say "I do".

When a couple separates and there are children involved, it not only impacts their family life but also that of the children's grandparents.  While rights for grandparents are rather limited, there are options for you if a separation has left you unable to see your grandchildren.  

When in dispute over financial matters with your former partner or spouse, you may wish to consider applying for a financial order if Family Mediation has not been successful in helping you resolve the matter.  We can assist you with understanding whether Family Mediation may be suitable, and if not, guide you through the process of applying to the Courts for a financial order.  

Being subjected to domestic abuse is an incredibly serious situation for you and your children and will be extremely isolating.  You may not know where to turn and may not be aware of the legal paths that you could follow to distance yourself from your abuser.  We can help explain to you the different options available and our discussions will be entirely confidential.  We will never move matters forward unless we have your express consent and you are happy for us to do so.

If Family Mediation has been unsuccessful in helping you reach an agreement with your former partner or spouse about arrangements for your children, or Family Mediation is not suitable, we can provide you with legal advice and guidance about applying for a Child Arrangements Order through the Courts.  We will take you every step of the way, explaining how each decision could impact you and your children and the likely outcome of any Court case.

A professional approach was used throughout, clear explanations of all legal matters was given, I felt listened to and empowered to make decisions regarding my case.

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