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If you’ve made the difficult decision to separate or divorce, there will be more decisions ahead of you, and one of these will be the arrangements for your children.   It is important that any decision made has their best interests at heart in order to minimise the effects that divorce can have on your children.

You will need to decide who they should live with, and if there is to be contact allowed with the other parent you will need to agree on whether this should be supervised, where it should take place, how often and how long for.

We would always recommend that you attempt to reach these decisions directly between the two of you, however we appreciate that sometimes this isn’t possible due to the circumstances of your separation. Therefore, family mediation would be the next step towards making arrangements, and if this isn’t successful or there is a history of domestic violence, criminal activity or mental health issues, then the family courts will intervene.

We share your concerns that your children’s welfare is of paramount concern and appreciate that you will already have been through enough stress and pain by this stage. We will work with you and your former partner to reach a decision as quickly as possible to allow you all to move forward in your lives with minimal disruption.

We can discuss with you the options you have either through family mediation or filing for a Child Arrangements Order with the courts.

If you are concerned that your former partner may not comply with the Child Arrangements Order, we can assist you with any necessary enforcement proceedings and apply for a Prohibited Steps Order or Specific Issue Order in appropriate circumstances.

There is a lot to take in during a time of high emotion and stress.  We can take you through each stage step by step from when the application is first made, meeting with an officer from the Children and Family Court Advisory Support Service (known as CAFCASS), and advising you prior to any hearings that will be required. We will also explain to you any terms you are not familiar with or need further clarification, such as Parental Responsibility.

We also recommend reading this helpful guide created by the Family Justice Young People's Board (FJYPB). They have compiled some top tips for parents to help them think about matters from their child's perspective. FJYPB members are children and young people with first-hand experience in family law proceedings

To make your first appointment to discuss your children’s future, by phoning your local office, emailing familyenquiries@warnergoodman.co.uk or fill in the enquiry form.

Watch our video below to see how we can support you in making arrangements for your children following a divorce.

Resolution is the organisation of which specialist family law solicitors should be members. As both members and specialist accredited members of Resolution we operate Resolution’s Code of Conduct.

We are not only able to provide support and guidance for parents, but can also advise grandparents on your rights when seeking contact with your grandchildren.  

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