Family Mediation Solicitors in Fareham

Are you recently divorced or separated?  Are you struggling to agree with your former spouse or partner on arrangements for your children or your finances?

If so, then our Family Solicitors in Fareham can help through Family Mediation.  Provided in a neutral environment with a Resolution trained Family Mediator, we can help you and your former spouse discuss your dispute in an atmosphere free of judgement, working towards a resolution to allow you to continue in your separate futures. 

Claire Knight and Sam Miles are our Family Mediators, who are both well known in the area for their determination to achieve the very best for their clients.    

Claire was at all times kind and patient with me, she helped me when I had a 'wobbly' and when I had a few worries about the case. She advised and supported me and for that I'm truly grateful and glad I had her in my corner fighting for me. Thank you Claire!

What can be discussed in Family Mediation?

When a relationship ends, there will be many changes that you will have to consider which can be even harder to face if you are not in agreement over the best course of action.  Family Mediation is an opportunity for you to come an agreement with your former spouse or partner on a variety of concerns, focussing particularly on arrangements for your children and your finances.

Separating your assets will require detailed analysis of your financial situation, and this could range from selling the family home or a more in-depth division evaluating pensions, properties or business assets.  With regards to your children, we can help you come to an agreement on important factors such as where they will live, continued contact with extended family members and any child maintenance payments that may be due in the future.  

Both of these are naturally highly sensitive and discussing arrangements at a time when emotions are already running high can lead to more hostility.  Family Mediation provides an opportunity for discussions in a neutral environment with a third party who can assist both parties in expressing their wishes, allowing both sides to have their say and be heard.

Can my children be included in Family Mediation?

While children are often at the heart of the discussions at Family Mediation, they are not generally involved directly in these discussions.  However, there is an alternative for children which is Child Inclusive Mediation.  During these sessions, the child(ren) will meet with the Mediator on their own without the parents present to discuss what is happening in their family life and the impact it is having on them.  The sessions are confidential, unless the child agrees to certain elements being shared with their parents, or if our Mediator feels the child is at risk.  Offering the children involved in these decisions an opportunity to talk about their situation can be extremely helpful for their own mental wellbeing and relieving stress, and could provide valuable insights for the parents, should they wish to have their thoughts shared.  

It is understandable that you will have questions about Family Mediation, and you may dubious about whether it could work for you.  We are on hand to answer these questions so call us today on 023 8071 7431 or email  Alternatively, you can find out more about Family Mediation by reading the following articles:

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