Probate and Estate Administration Solicitors in Chandler's Ford

After a loved one dies, you will be looking for expert advice from compassionate and approachable Solicitors who can help you understand your responsibilities regarding administering their estate. 

While it is possible to complete the probate and estate administration yourself, it is a complicated process, which will not be made easier with the other arrangements you will need to be making.  You will need to consider the size of the estate, Inheritance Tax implications and if there isn’t a Will the process becomes more complex.

Our specialist Probate and Estate Administration Solicitors in Chandler's Ford have years of experience in matters of probate and estate administration, trusts, tax and Inheritance Tax planning as well as the other associated skills needed to administer an estate.  We will take your own personal situation into account and offer you tailored advice, leaving you feel confident that we are doing the best for you and your family.

We offer a free 30 minute appointment with one of our experts to discuss your personal circumstances.  During this appointment we will explain to you how we could help, and present to you the costs involved if you were to come to us to help you through this challenging and distressing time.

I received kindness and consideration from all the staff I encountered, and would definitely recommend Warner Goodman.

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