Estate Planning Solicitors in Chandler's Ford

No-one can be sure of what the future holds, which is why it is important to plan now, while you can, so that you and your family will feel confident that your wishes will be heard and that every eventuality is considered.

We appreciate that this will be a daunting time for you, so we will discuss your plans with sensitivity and understanding, while providing you with practical and considered advice.   

Our Estate Planning Solicitors in Chandler’s Ford specialise in matters concerning your estate, including making or updating your Will, setting up or managing a Trust and writing your ‘financial decisions’ or ‘health and care decisions’ Lasting Powers of Attorney.  We will also explain to you the different considerations each of these would have Inheritance Tax and other tax related implications. 

When making the initial enquiry you made a very good first impression, which stood out from the other 3 firms I called. You were not the cheapest option but this differentiated you from you competitors.

In addition to this, our Solicitors in Chandler’s Ford can also assist with the following matters:

Following the death of a loved one, we can support you through the difficult process of administering their estate.  We will help you understand your role as an Executor, make arrangements for the payment of Inheritance Tax and assist if there is no Will in place. 

Occasionally a dispute can arise over the contents of Will; perhaps the deceased made verbal promises to you that have not been adhered to in their Will, or you believe they did not have capacity at the time of making their Will.  No matter the reason, we can explain the best path available to you, whether you are eligible to bring a claim and the likely outcome, helping you move forward in your life. 

If a loved one has lost mental capacity and needs to put their Lasting Powers of Attorney into place, we can help you with the arrangements and ensure you understand your responsibilities as their Deputy.  If there is no LPA in place, then an application will need to be made to the Court of Protection.  Our expert Solicitors can guide you through this journey, meaning you can concentrate on other arrangements. 

Buying a property with a partner or friend will be an exciting time, but it’s important that you are prepared should things go awry in the future.  We can explain to you how a Declaration of Trust can protect your assets, and the difference between being tenants-in-common or joint tenants.

In addition to the advice our Estate Planning Solicitors can provide, you may also be interested in the following resources:

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