Work accident injury claims solicitors

When we turn up for work every morning or at the beginning of our shift, we do not expect that our life will change forever.  Your employer has a duty to make sure your workplace is a safe one. It is their responsibility to ensure there is no danger to you, regardless of whether you operate machinery or work in an office.

If you have been injured in an accident at work, we can help.

You may need to take time off, or had a reduction in pay as a result of an accident and you are worried about the future.  

You may be concerned about the resulting consequences for your career when bringing a claim against your employer. 

These are all situations we can help with. 

A number of us in the Personal Injury team specialise in employer liability claims, and can clearly advise you of the process of making a compensation claim if you have had an accident at work, and can re-assure you along the way.

In recent years, we have helped in the following situations:

  • A typist received £3,500 after developing pains in her wrists as a result of using a new laptop computer supplied by her employer which caused her pain and discomfort
  • Following an accident at work, we helped our client recover over £80,000 after his hand was crushed, leaving him with permanent damage.

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Thank you so much for all your help, you’ve made something hard seem very easy for me.