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Divorce and Separation

Navigating the emotional complexities of divorce is challenging, and at Warner Goodman, we understand the varied reasons that led to this decision. We offer legal support and practical advice through traditional solicitor/client services or family mediation with our accredited mediators. Our goal is to be your supportive partner, easing the emotional trauma of divorce and providing clarity throughout the process.

Our Commitment to You

Our team of compassionate divorce solicitors is dedicated to guiding you through the divorce process with empathy and expertise. We understand the unique challenges you may be facing and are committed to providing comprehensive support, advice, and guidance.

No Fault Divorce

No-fault divorce was introduced in April 2022 and eliminated the need for parties to demonstrate fault-based "grounds." The process is handled primarily through an online government portal, making the process far more streamlined and cost-effective.

Beyond the legalities, our experienced family team at Warner Goodman, with decades of specialist experience in family law, is ready to assist you with various post-divorce considerations. From child arrangements to financial matters, we address your unique challenges.

Our tailored packages are designed to suit your budget and support your individual needs and circumstances.

For comprehensive insights into divorce procedures, visit our Divorce and Separation Explained page. We guide you through every step, providing clarity on the process.

Family Mediation

When reaching agreements with your former partner concerning children or finances becomes challenging, Warner Goodman is here to offer a solution through Family Mediation. Our skilled Family Mediators will collaborate with both parties, providing support and guidance to navigate towards a resolution that satisfies both sides.

Children and Financial Arrangements

In addition to assisting you with the legal aspects of your divorce, we offer advice and guidance on reaching agreements concerning your children and/or financial arrangements. Our goal is to help you navigate these sensitive issues carefully and ensure that all parties' best interests are considered.

Military Personnel Services

We offer specialised advice about divorce and pension arrangements for those serving in the military. We recognise the unique challenges military personnel face and are equipped to guide you to ensure a smooth and fair process.

How We Can Help You

At Warner Goodman, we strive to be more than just legal advisors; we aim to be your trusted partners during this challenging time. Our team is here to:

  • Provide emotional support and understanding
  • Offer expert legal advice tailored to your situation
  • Guide you through the complexities of divorce
  • Assist in reaching fair agreements for children and financial matters
  • Ensure military personnel receive specialised advice on divorce and pensions

Get in touch

If you are considering divorce or need assistance with any family law matter, don't hesitate to reach out. Our team is ready to listen and provide the support and guidance you need.

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  • Email: enquiries@warnergoodman.co.uk

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