Divorce, finance and mediation

Whether you and your spouse have decided to divorce due to infidelity, unreasonable behaviour or you have simply grown apart, we understand that making this decision is an extremely upsetting and difficult one in your life.

We will offer you all the support you need through your divorce, as well as if you require family mediation to come to agreements on your children or financial arrangements.  


For more information on how a divorce progresses and the different options available to you and your particular situation, visit our divorce and separation explained page.  Here we take you through all of the steps involved, and explain our packages available to you to suit your budget and support needs.  If you are serving in the military we are also able to advise you in relation to your divorce and pensions arrangements.

Family Mediation

If you are unable to reach agreements with your former partner or spouse on matters relating to your children or finances, you can come to us for Family Mediation.  Our Family Mediators can work with you and your former spouse from an independent perspective to guide you towards a resolution you are both happy with.

How else we can support you

Our Family teams are on hand not only to help you through your divorce or with mediation, but we are also here to support you with other concerns relating to your family. 

If you have gone through mediation or had a Child Arrangements Order put in place through family courts, we can explain your rights if you are concerned your children's other parent may not comply with those agreements.  We are also able to support grandparents during this time if they are being denied contact with their grandchildren.

It is not only divorce or separation that can impact a relationship, but if you are living with domestic abuse in your relationship we are here to help.  We can help you understand your options as to legal proceedings, which we will not start until you are happy to.  If legal action is not the path you wish to take, we can be here for you to discuss your other options.

Contact us today on 023 8071 7431 or email familyenquiries@warnergoodman.co.uk to book your first appointment and find out how we can support you.

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