Choosing a care home

The prospect of moving into a care home can be one with mixed emotions for all concerned and your needs will depend on the reasons for moving.  If you require some assistance but do not wish to relinquish your independence, you will be seeking a completely different environment to someone looking for a home for a loved one with dementia. 

No matter the reason, the following matters should be given consideration when researching care homes:

  1. Consider your financial position – if you have more than £23,250 in assets you will be required to fund your own care.  If you have less than this, you may be eligible for funding.
  2. Find a list of homes in the area from Social Services
  3. Draw up a shortlist of homes that seem the most suitable – suitability may be specialised care, location, access to local clubs or medical facilities, visiting hours, number of residents etc.
  4. Contact the home that suits your needs:
    • Find out whether they have any vacancies or whether there is a waiting list.
    • Ask them to send you a copy of their:
      1. Brochure
      2. Contract of terms and conditions of residence
      3. Policy statements or aims and objectives
      4. Scale of fees
  5. Arrange a visit.  Find out more about what you need to consider when visiting a care home here.  When visiting: 
    • Draw up a list of questions you need to ask
    • Take someone with you so you can compare notes later on
    • Take time to have a good look around
    • Talk to:
      1. The owner/manager
      2. Staff
      3. Residents  
  6. When you have decided which home appeals to you most, see if it is possible to arrange a trial stay for three or four weeks.
  7. Do not sell your house or surrender your tenancy until you are entirely satisfied that the home will suit your requirements, that you will fit in, and that you will be happy there.
  8. Make sure you receive a formal contract which clearly sets out your rights and responsibilities and make sure you understand it. 

Everyone will have different needs when it comes to choosing a care home, and while we cannot recommend a particular home, we can help you plan for the future.  To find out more about writing a Will, having a Lasting Power of Attorney in place or how a Life Interest Trust Will could protect your property, contact us on 01329 222075 or email to book your appointment. 

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