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Residence disputes can arise long after divorce proceedings are finalised

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Reaching an agreement in child arrangement disputes can be one of the biggest challenges a parent can face. Just ask Madonna; The 57 year old entertainer has been locked in a bitter child residence battle with ex-husband Guy Ritchie.

The feud began in December when Madonna issued legal proceedings under the Hague Convention on International Child Abduction, arguing that Rocco had been illegally retained in the UK after visiting his father and not returning to Madonna at the agreed time.

In an initial hearing in London, it was agreed that Rocco should stay with his father in London while his parents tried to reach an agreement in private. In a further hearing, the couple were advised to settle the dispute quickly, as Rocco’s “Precious and fast receding childhood was [going to be] taken up by this dispute.” This revelation comes a full eight years after the Ritchie’s divorced, back in 2008. Since then, Guy Ritchie has remarried, and Madonna has had a number of high-profile relationships.

Sam Miles, family lawyer at Warner Goodman LLP says: “There are instances all across the country where arrangements for the children are made after the divorce and which at the time are seen as the most beneficial outcome for the child involved. Of course, over time, a child’s needs can change, and new factors must be taken into consideration. The parent with primary care may not be able to provide suitable care for example, or the other parent may have a change in lifestyle which can grant the child a better environment than previously considered. At all times when making decisions regarding children, the best interests of the child is the main priority.”


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