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Employment Law Case Update: Racial Discrimination

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The case of Zulu and Gue v Ministry of Defence illustrates how a small action on a photograph can amount to discrimination.

Mr Zulu and Mr Gue were two former soldiers who served with the 3rd Battalion at Melville Barrack in Colchester. On Mr Gue’s door was a photo of himself and Mr Zulu. After someone had drawn a swastika, a Hitler moustache and a racist remark on the photographs on Mr Gue’s door, Mr Zulu and Mr Gue claimed they had been victims of racial discrimination.

The Employment Tribunal (ET) upheld their claims stating that the graffiti was “unquestionably related to race”.  Although it is unknown who did the graffiti, the ET held that the act of carrying out the graffiti “was so unpleasant that it can only have been done with the purpose of violating the claimants’ dignity and creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating and offensive environment for them”.

The Equality Act 2010 protects people from discrimination related to any protected characteristics, which includes a person’s race. The ET found the Army had not taken reasonable steps to prevent the racist behaviour.

The case highlights that employers must take reasonable steps to protect their employees from discrimination and harassment. One way employers can offer such protection is for employers to have an equal opportunities policy and an anti-harassment and anti-bullying policy. These policies will explain what kinds of behaviour are unacceptable, how employees can report their concerns and the consequences for those who engage in such behaviour. These policies should be communicated to all staff and they should be enforced using the disciplinary policy. Equality and diversity training may also be beneficial to staff.

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