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A new documentary series premiering on BBC2 tomorrow night; Mr v Mrs: Call the Mediator sets out to explore the experiences of splitting families at the time of divorce using footage of the mediation sessions, and the effects the experience has on both parties in their home and social lives.

Using cameras during and outside of the sessions, we will get to see the emotional and practical realities of the process and outcomes that are agreed. Sam Miles, an accredited mediator at Warner Goodman LLP, is looking forward to the documentary. She says: “Without going through the process of mediation few couples will know what it involves and can be reluctant to talk about their emotions in front of a stranger. I hope this documentary will eliminate any doubts that separating couples may have and encourage more people to consider mediation as a way of resolving issues arising out of their separation. It has been shown that when a couple make decisions together during mediation sessions they are more likely to be happy with them, and it is certainly preferable to having decisions imposed upon them by the Court.”

She continues: “Separating couples are now referred to a Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings (MIAM) where they will be able to discuss with a mediator whether mediation is a suitable way to resolve any children or financial issues they may be facing as an alternative to acrimonious Court proceedings. Ensuring the welfare of any children is the main priority, and I hope that this documentary shows that they are seen as such.

For more information on mediation, contact Sam or the family team on 02380 717431


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