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When grandparents feel left out

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A vegan couple in Milan have lost custody of their 14 month old after being taken to hospital by grandparents and found to be seriously malnourished, weighing 5kg.

The child was taken into hospital by grandparents where blood tests confirmed severe malnourishment, and calcium levels that were only just enough to survive. After an inquiry was opened, the baby was formally removed from its parents. This raises many questions around how parents can choose to raise their children and when authorities and grandparents can get involved.

In this instance, the grandparents intervened before it was too late and potentially saved the child’s life. In other cases many grandparents are denied the right to spend time with their grandchildren even though this can often benefit the child”.

Claire Knight, Family Legal Executive at Warner Goodman says “While grandparents do not have automatic rights, it is possible to apply to the Court seeking permission to make an application. In these circumstances Court fees will be incurred. It is also possible to consider arrangements through mediation. Most legal disputes can be disruptive to the children involved and in some cases can be emotionally draining as well as having a financial implication for the parties to the Court Proceedings. We are able to support those on their journey to spend time with the grandchildren where they may be obstacles including the views of the child’s parents or stepparents”.


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