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Staff at Warner Goodman LLP become Dementia Friendly

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The Private Client Team at Hampshire based law firm Warner Goodman LLP have recently undergone training to become Dementia Friends.  With the Alzheimer’s Society predicting that over 1 million people will be living with dementia by 2021, it’s vital for community members to understand how they can support those living with dementia and their families, a campaign that is being highlighted this week with Dementia Awareness Week.

William Ware, Private Client Consultant at the firm, explains, “In our work we see all too often the aftermath of what can happen to those suffering with dementia in the unfortunate circumstance that they have not planned for their future by preparing a Lasting Power of Attorney.  An LPA means that in the event that a person is no longer capable of making decisions for themselves regarding their finances, medical or living arrangements, a nominated person that they have chosen themselves, who they trust, can make those decisions for them.  Without an LPA, those decisions could be made by the Court of Protection.

“It was because of our experiences that we were eager to be involved with the Dementia Friends in Fareham.  There are many ways in which dementia sufferers and their families will need support, and many things they will need to consider and plan for.  Through the training we have learnt exactly what these are, and how businesses and people in Fareham can join together in a united front to offer as much support as possible.

“1 person in 3 over 65 will die with dementia.  While we won’t be able to reach all of those people, through Dementia Friends the least we can try and achieve is to raise awareness of how those in Fareham and the surrounding Hampshire area can have their quality of life improved.”

If you would like to learn more of the work that the Alzheimer’s Society can do, and how you can be involved in the community to raise awareness, you can visit their website  Alternatively, if you would like advice on LPAs please contact William at Warner Goodman LLP on 01329 288121 or visit the website


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