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Mediation Team expands at Warner Goodman

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Almost a year after the launch of our Family Mediation service, we have trained another of our lawyers’, Claire Knight, to practice as a Resolution Mediator to meet the demand for the service from divorcing couples.

Claire, who has been with the firm since 2002, explains, “We launched the service early in 2014 as we recognised the value that Mediation can offer to couples who are struggling to make important decisions about their future after a divorce or separation.  During and after a divorce there can be a number of different emotions clouding the judgement of those involved; sadness, anger, regret.  Any one of these can keep the parties from making rational decisions.”

Mediation helps couples come to agreements about their financial arrangements, or important decisions about their childrens’ future; where they will live, parental responsibilities, schools and medical care for example.  “By using a Mediator, the two people involved are able to take a step back, discuss their reservations with a neutral person and come to a resolution.  It can also be invaluable for any party who may feel they are being bullied into a decision, as the Mediator will ensure both sides have their voices heard and all factors are taken into consideration.”

Another reason why Mediation continues to grow is the mandatory requirement for couples to attend a Mediation Information Assessment Meeting, or MIAM, before making a court application; a step that was introduced by Government in July 2014.  “Taking these decisions to court can be a costly and long-drawn out process,” explains Claire.  “By attending a MIAM prior to doing so couples are able to evaluate whether Mediation would be a more suitable option for them.  There is no obligation to attend Mediation after the MIAM, but in our experience it is the best path to take.”

Claire joins Sam Miles, Head of the Family Team, and together form the firm’s Resolution trained Mediator service.  Sam Miles has been a practicing family solicitor since 1999, is currently a partner at Warner Goodman LLP and head of the family department.

To find out more about mediation, contact Claire or the Family Team on 02380 717431 or visit their section of the website here.


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