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Learn how to keep your child safe during Child Safety Week

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Staff at Warner Goodman LLP are calling on families in Hampshire to take part in Child Safety Week (23rd to 29th June) to educate themselves on how to prevent their children from having devastating accidents.

Child Safety Week is organised by The Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT), which is the UK’s leading charity working to reduce the number of children and young people killed, disabled or seriously injured by accidents.

Catriona Ralls, member of the Personal Injury team, commented, “Most families will agree that the morning is the busiest time of day trying to get everyone organised and off to nursery, school or work on time.  The concept of Morning Mayhem is a key theme in this years’ Child Safety Week, and by families being aware of the risks and implementing simple changes they can stop serious accidents from happening.

“One of these changes is to put your child down before picking up your morning caffeine fix.  Figures from CAPT state that 6 under-fives are admitted to hospital every day because they’ve been burnt badly.  You may think that your hot drink has cooled enough, but it can still burn a young child 15 minutes after it has been made.  Burns are also commonly caused by children finding recently used hair straighteners, which can stay hot enough to badly burn a baby or toddler 15 minutes after being unplugged.  Parents who use straighteners need to ensure that these are put out of reach of young children and on a safe heat-proof surface to minimise the risk of a fire.

“A fall, choking and road accidents are also hazards identified by CAPT resulting in a child visiting the hospital.  Unfortunately we see the long-term effect that such accidents can have on a family, and while this is a scary thought for parents to face, the purpose of Child Safety Week is to highlight these potential risk areas so that they are equipped to make their child’s world as safe as possible.”

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