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Don't let your dream holiday turn into a nightmare!

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With summer approaching our thoughts are turning to ones of sea, sun and fun.  82% of us are planning to holiday abroad in 2013*, and it’s important that we’re prepared, for any eventuality.  Catriona Ralls, Personal Injury Solicitor, takes a look at exactly what could ruin your well-earned holiday…other than the inevitable sunburn!

“Everyone looks forward to their holiday, whether you’ve saved for months or taken advantage of a last minute deal,” begins Catriona.  “It’s about taking time out from the every day stresses in life and spending quality time with your loved ones.  Unfortunately, accidents do happen which can cast a cloud over your experience.

“Having an accident at home is traumatic enough, but when you’re on holiday and meant to be relaxing it can be just as, if not even more devastating.  Not only will you have your holiday ruined, but if you’re in a foreign country there will be other barriers to overcome, such as language, medical care and transport.  Working in the Personal Injury Team I have seen many examples of how you can become injured or ill while on holiday, such as a slip or fall while sightseeing or around the pool, food poisoning in a local restaurant, or an accident during watersport or ski-ing activities.

“Of course, you don’t want to go away and be so worried about hurting yourself or becoming ill that you don’t enjoy yourself,” continues Catriona.  “That’s why it’s important to be prepared by knowing exactly what to do if such an event does happen.

“If there is an accident, the first thing to do is to ensure the injured person is safe and comfortable, and to ensure that everyone around you is out of danger,” advises Catriona.  “If you can, take a photo of the injury and anything that may have caused the accident, as well as taking witnesses names and contact details.  Current package holiday regulations specify that your tour operator has a responsibility throughout your holiday to ensure yours and your family’s safety, so it’s important you report the accident to the hotel and holiday rep, and contact your tour company.  If you are taken to hospital, make sure you keep all records, paperwork and receipts of any medical treatment you receive.”

Catriona concludes, “My last piece of advice would be, to try and enjoy the rest of your holiday!  There will be no doubt that you will have experienced some degree of emotional and physical pain.  It’s possible that you may even suffer financial loss, either through medical bills, making amendments to your travel arrangements and any loss of earnings if you’re not able to return to work as scheduled.  When you arrive back home, if you do have questions about whether you would be eligible to receive payment for this financial loss, contact us to have your questions answered.”

If you’ve had an accident in the UK or abroad while on holiday, contact the Personal Injury Team on 0800 91 92 30 or visit the website

*Figure from research conducted by Explore Research in behalf of Travel Weekly


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