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Saying thanks with a poem

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Following on from the news that 97% of our clients were happy with our services and would use us again, we can now also confirm that our clients are so satisifed with our work, they’ll tell us so in poetry!

Private Client’s Naomi Walton, based in Warner Goodman’s Fareham office, recently received a letter from one of her satisfied customers with a poem attached to it. Mrs Fennell, of Fareham, penned a few lines to send to us to express her gratitude and thanks for undertaking work for her.

It was very humbling not just for Naomi, but for the Private Client department and the firm too, to receive such praise.

Mrs Fennell’s poem:

I had an issue needing sorted out,

I knew who would help me I’ve no doubt.

Warner Goodman are always there,

Have always got time to help and care.

So off I went in my plight,

My Solicitors would get things right.

Into Fareham, a trip I made,

A lovely lady came to my aid.

She was oh so kind, vey nice,

Gave me lots of  really good advice.

I’ve been to them for many years,

Through sorrow, worry, many tears.

They aren’t pushy, but so polite,

Business-like they get it right.

They are always good to me, my solicitors WG.

I will always stay with you,

You will always see me through.

Thank you all once again,

A grateful client I remain.


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