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Why use a 'Solicitors for the Elderly' recognised law firm?

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When choosing a law firm to assist you in safeguarding your family’s future through a Will or Lasting Power of Attorney, it can be hard to decide.  That’s why being a member of ‘Solicitors for the Elderly’ (SFE) is part of a unique offering that Warner Goodman LLP can give to those unsure of how best to protect their family assets and security.  Caroline Johnstone, Private Client Lawyer, here explains why having this qualification means we’re well suited for you to put your affairs in order.

“To become a member of SFE, myself and a colleague Sue Nicholson, have been required to complete a unique qualification, the Older Client Care in Practice Award, which focusses on additional skills we need to enable us to work with vulnerable people and the elderly,” explains Caroline.  “Every person we see is different based on their personal circumstances, no matter their age, marital status or living arrangements, but this membership means we are better equipped to understand and support those who may need extra explanations or care.”

There are certain additional benefits that come from using an SFE solicitor; not only have they gone through this particular qualification, but they are required to follow a strict code of conduct ensuring their legal advice has the clients best interests at heart and any decisions you make are your decisions.  They will have years of experience themselves, meaning no matter your situation they will be best equipped to advise you, and in the rare event they need supporting advice, they are part of a wider network of experts and resources on hand.

“SFE research discovered in 2015 that only 12% of people in the South East have a Lasting Power of Attorney for Property and Financial Affairs, a legal document which clarifies who you would like to manage your financial and personal affairs should you become unable to do so yourself,” concludes Caroline.  “This is despite the fact that 86% of people in the same area want a family member or friend to make their decisions on their behalf in the event they become incapacitated; something that will not happen without an LPA as these decisions would lie with the Courts in that situation.”

It’s crucial that an LPA is made while you can still make these decisions, and using an SFE Solicitor such as Warner Goodman LLP means you may arrive full of concerns, questions and trepidations, but you will leave feeling in control and have the comfort of knowing that your wishes will be known should the worst happen.

To find out more about making a Lasting Power of Attorney or the other services that Caroline or the Private Client team can help with, call Lynn Williams on 01329 222075 or email to make your appointment.


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