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Warner Goodman LLP Launches WG Academy Programme: Empowering Employee Development and Career Growth

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Warner Goodman LLP Launches WG Academy Programme: Empowering Employee Development and Career Growth

Warner Goodman LLP proudly unveils the WG Academy Programme, a pioneering initiative designed to propel the personal development and career aspirations of employees within the firm.

Warner Goodman LLP has always actively promoted career progression, encouraging staff to enrol in sponsorship and training contract opportunities. Since 2010, 71 employees have participated in previous schemes, helping them excel in their careers. Many have gone on to become Associates and Partners within the firm. Due to its overwhelming success, Warner Goodman LLP saw it imperative to enhance this offering and consolidate the existing schemes into an innovative and streamlined platform for employees to use.

The WG Academy Programme (officially launched on March 6, 2024) underwent an intensive eleven-month development phase. It was overseen by Dan Thompson, the firm's Partner in charge of the WG Academy, and Alice Browne, HR manager. 

Dan Thompson expressed his pride in the initiative, commenting: "We have invested extensively in research, planning, and resource development for the WG Academy Programme, and we're delighted to finally offer this exciting new opportunity to our staff.

"The firm is committed to fostering and developing emerging talent across all practice areas. The WG Academy serves as a valuable platform for supporting our exceptional team members and expanding their learning opportunities. With various new job development programmes and qualification pathways now available, the WG Academy empowers our staff to seize these opportunities and thrive in their chosen fields. It consolidates the firm's existing sponsorship and training initiatives, fostering a stronger sense of community and identity among members while providing a nurturing environment for knowledge sharing and peer support.

"Promoting internal talent has been a cornerstone of our success. Our training and support cultivate exceptional lawyers equipped with the skills and motivation we value. This approach ensures a higher calibre of professionals who embody the essence of a 'Warner Goodman person'."

During the launch, Dan Thompson, Alice Browne, and Managing Partner Andy Munden toured Warner Goodman's five Hampshire-based offices to introduce the WG Academy Programme to staff. They personally congratulated new WG Academy members, distributed welcome packs, and extended their best wishes for success in their studies.

Following the launch, Andy Munden, Managing Partner, articulated: "The WG Academy results from all the work we've been doing over the last few years in sponsoring staff members and helping them develop personally and professionally into their roles. The WG Academy provides an updated, coherent, and centralised platform to achieve that, particularly by taking advantage of modern methods to qualify as a Solicitor, Legal Executive, or Licenced Conveyancer. Additionally, it offers opportunities for non-legal professional development in areas like Accounts, HR, Marketing, and IT, ensuring a well-rounded workforce.

"At Warner Goodman, we've always valued internal talent and acknowledged our staff's dedication to self-improvement. We now have a structured framework with the WG Academy to enhance these efforts further.

"Our ethos has always been that there are no glass ceilings, and we acknowledge individuals for their contributions. This is evident in our senior staff and Partners, many of whom have benefited from our previous sponsorship programmes. By recognising talent and fostering improvement, we pave the way for the firm's continued growth and success.

"With the firm's support, someone starting in a junior role can earn their qualifications, advance professionally, and reach the pinnacle of success within our organisation."

Alice Browne, HR Manager, has been instrumental in managing the firm's sponsorship and training programmes for the past six years. Having firsthand experience, she recognises the significant benefits initiatives such as the WG Academy can bring to the business and recruiting new talent. She emphasised, "The WG Academy serves as a significant attraction for individuals seeking a career in law or looking to advance within the field. To express interest in the WG Academy programme, applicants are encouraged to specify this when applying for roles, especially those suited for Warner Goodman Academy participation."

As Warner Goodman embarks on this new chapter, the firm looks forward to seeing the positive impact the WG Academy will have on its workforce and its overall continued success.

For more information on the WG Academy Programme and to explore available qualifications, please click here. You'll also find firsthand testimonials from current WG Academy members.

Warner Goodman also invites those interested in pursuing a fulfilling legal career and aspiring to join the WG Academy to explore their vacancies page. Here, you'll find the latest information on available vacancies, offering valuable opportunities to embark on a rewarding career in law.