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Research highlights new trend to consider digital assets when planning for your

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Research conducted by the Dying Matters Coalition shows how people are still not talking about their wishes for after their death, and also introduces a new area of consideration in terms of digital legacies.

Jane Cox, Private Client Partner, commented, “It’s concerning to see the results of this research as it shows that just 36% of Britons have made a Will.  This is despite the fact that 80% of people know that having a Will is vital to ensure their wishes are met, with 32% having experienced disputes between family members as a consequence of a loved one not making a Will.”

The research also showed that the issue of digital assets is now of growing significance.  “Almost 34 million people in the UK use social media*,” explains Jane.  “Even with this evidence that social media plays a key role in the lives of over half of the UK population, 71% of the people surveyed had never thought about what would happen to their accounts.

“And it’s not just social media, but also online banking, shopping, investment portfolios, photos, music, and email accounts that must be planned for.  As Private Client solicitors we need to be able to include this as part of our offering to our clients to help them understand the process of managing these in the event of their death or they lose capacity.

“The conversation of death will always be a painful one to have, and we completely understand why people avoid it.  We have seen too many times what happens when a Will is not available on a person’s death, or a person hasn’t made a Lasting Power of Attorney.  We fully support the Dying Matters Coalition in their campaign for a national conversation on dying, to help to remove the stigma and reassure people that while it’s a difficult discussion, it will need to be had at some point and it would be better sooner rather than later.”

If you would like more information about making plans for your future either through a Will or Lasting Power of Attorney, please contact Jane or the Private Client Team on 01329 288121 or visit their section of the website here.


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