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Landlords advised to act soon on heating supply changes, otherwise be left in hot water

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Under new regulations, landlords must comply with the introduction of individual metering and charging on communal heating and other forms of heat networks advises Sarah Brooks, Residential Conveyancing Partner.   The Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations 2014 have been introduced in the UK in response to the European Energy Efficiency Directive, and landlords who currently operate a communal heat supply have until December 31st to comply with regulations.  

Sarah explains, “The aim of the regulations is to increase accountability and understanding of individual energy usage and once meters are fitted, all invoices for heating will have to charge for actual usage and present the customer with accurate consumption information.”

The types of buildings subject to the regulations include those with a central boiler serving more than one customer, or a heat network where a boiler is shared with other buildings. This could involve anything from small residential or commercial developments through to blocks of flats, university campuses and shopping centres.

Technical details of the heating system or network must be reported to the National Measurement & Regulation Office no later than 31st December this year. Where applicable, metering equipment must be in place by one year later, 31st December 2016.

Landlords will have a duty to install and maintain meters to monitor individual consumption, unless they can present a good case to show why it would not be feasible or cost-effective. For new buildings, meters must be installed from the start.

Sarah explains, “Getting the initial technical information and reporting is not a quick fix and it’s important that landlords take action sooner rather than later.   If they fail to comply, it will lead to compliance notices and possibly financial penalties.”

If you’re a landlord and want to know more details about the regulations, or you’re looking to purchase a but-to-let property, you can contact Sarah or the Residential Conveyancing team on 01329 222097 or visit their section of the website.


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