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How could a Power of Attorney help those in the military?

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Serving in the armed forces will naturally mean spending time overseas, but what about your life at home while you are away?   If you are looking to buy or sell your home and then are deployed, there will be matters to arrange, and with you not contactable this could lead to unnecessary delay or even the house purchase or sale falling through. Sarah Brooks, Head of our Residential Property team, explains here how a Power of Attorney could help you keep things on track.

General Power of Attorney

Most people have heard of a Lasting Power of Attorney in relation to an appointed person looking after their financial and personal affairs in the event they lose capacity to do so themselves, but many do not know that a General Power of Attorney can be granted for any other form of transaction we may need. 

This acts in very much the same way as a Lasting Power of Attorney in that a trusted person, who is independent to the transaction, is appointed as an Attorney, whether they be spouse, family member or friend. 

What is my Attorney able to do in my absence?

Once you have completed your Power of Attorney, they will then be empowered to make decisions, sign contracts and any other necessary paperwork such as the mortgage deed, as well as manage the financial side in your absence.

The fact that you are serving overseas need not delay your house sale or purchase.  All we would need from you is to receive the initial instructions, and subject to your mortgage lender’s approval upon obtaining a copy of the Power of Attorney, all documents can be signed by your Attorney.

We are in a position to draft the General Power of Attorney for property matters only, so we can handle everything from start to finish.  You can therefore be safe in the knowledge that while you are serving away, we shall be acting with your Attorney with your best interests in mind, and you can simply return and collect the keys to your new property. 

Military discount for buying or selling your home 

If you are in the armed forces and would like to know more about buying or selling your property and how a General Power of Attorney can help you, you can contact the Conveyancing team on 02392 776510 or email  Military personnel can also receive a 5% discount on any property transaction with Warner Goodman, so contact us today.


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