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Sabrina Skerritt appointed to lead Warner Goodman's Waterlooville branch

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Sabrina Skerritt appointed to lead Warner Goodmans Waterlooville branch.

Sabrina Skerritt, the new Manager at Warner Goodman Waterlooville, provides insight into her plans to transform the branch in the next five years. 

Sabrina achieved Associate status within the firm in May 2022 and has now been promoted to lead our Waterlooville branch after the exceptional work she and her team have achieved at Warner Goodman Fareham.

Andy Munden, Managing Partner at Warner Goodman, explained why Sabrina was the right person for the position: "Myself and the Partners all agreed that Sabrina was the perfect candidate to take on this exciting new role. She has drive, passion and a great understanding of managing a team. Sabrina was promoted to Associate status last year and was ready to take the next step in leading an office. Sabrina also has previous experience in Waterlooville after working there when the branch first opened in 2019. She had built some great relationships with estate agents and clients from the area.

We look forward to seeing what Sabrina and her team can achieve at Waterlooville."

The plans to introduce a new Manager at Waterlooville formed after the firm promised to provide more resources and backing to help expand in the area. Andy Munden explained: "Under the right leadership, we can do a lot of good in Waterlooville. It's a great community with a lot to offer, which is why we decided to open our fifth office there almost four years ago. We want to help our Waterlooville branch reach the next step, and we believe now is the right time."

The Waterlooville branch has already seen positive growth in recent years. The office located at Basepoint Business Centre has doubled in size since opening four years ago after the demand for Conveyancing services rose dramatically during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The increased space enabled the team to grow in numbers and introduce a new meeting room for staff to meet clients face-to-face. The Waterlooville branch serves a vast geographical area, including Purbook, Denmead, Horndean, Clanfield, and Petersfield.

Now settled into her new role, we asked Sabrina how she felt when offered the position: "I was thrilled to be asked to take on such an exciting and influential role. Leading an office comes with a great deal of flexibility, and I am very much looking forward to making the most of this opportunity and navigating the office from strength to strength. I want to thank the firm and Partners for giving me this brilliant opportunity and my colleagues for always being so supportive.

Leading an office is the next step in my career and a fantastic project to be a part of. The expansion of Waterlooville is very close to my heart after being part of the initial team here when we returned to Waterlooville in 2019."

We then asked Sabrina where she sees the branch going in the next five years: "Having been back in Waterlooville for a few years now, one thing we know for sure is that local people like a local law firm, and it's wonderful that our presence in Waterlooville can offer that. The expansion of the office since our return in 2019 is an excellent reflection of how well the office is progressing, and I want to continue on that trajectory. I take great pride in our exceptional client service and have always enjoyed the community feel that comes with Residential Conveyancing.

We look forward to strengthening our relationships with local estate agents, which will, in turn, give our clients a better experience. Over time, I would love to expand the office further and introduce some of the many other services Warner Goodman provides."