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Employment Team announce new partnership with health and safety experts HCS Safety

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During a time when local businesses are recovering from the recession, their focus will naturally be on matters to further continued growth and development.  This can mean that certain elements of running a business can be pushed to one side, such as employment legislation or health and safety matters.  This can be dangerous when part of growing your business may be hiring new staff, meaning that contracts and handbooks need to be up-to-date, and your health and safety procedures are accurate.

It’s with this in mind that the Employment Team for Hampshire based law firm Warner Goodman LLP have announced their partnership with health & safety firm HCS Safety Limited, working together on the law firm’s Peace of Mind package.

Howard Robson, Employment Partner for Warner Goodman LLP, commented, “Our new partnership with HCS Safety Limited means we can offer our Peace of Mind members another string to the bow.  The package currently offers member businesses access to our Employment Team for advice when it is needed, we review all staff documentation and contracts to ensure it’s up-to-date and stays up-to-date during the membership, and we also offer training to key members of staff.  The premise of the package is to offer members not only legal advice, but legal advice from someone who knows their business inside out, knows their work ethic and ethos and so can tailor that advice accordingly.

“By joining forces with HCS Safety Limited we are now also able to offer our members’ access to the full range of services that they offer.”

Based in Southampton, HCS Safety Limited offer a well established Member Service to their clients and are delighted to extend this offer to Warner Goodman LLP Peace of Mind members.  HCS Safety’s Member Service includes everything a business needs to be organised, up-to-date, competent and supported.  Membership provides an easy to use management system, including a bespoke safety policy, face to face support, free updates and training discounts.  HCS Safety also offer a full range of safety training courses and other services including workplace audits and inspections, fire risk assessments and plenty more besides.

Howard concludes, “The team are delighted to be working with HCS Safety Limited, as now not only can we offer our Peace of Mind members’ security when it comes to employment matters, but also health & safety issues, both of which are the foundations of a successful business and if either are left to chance, can have disastrous consequences for the finances and productivity of a business.”

For further information on Peace of Mind, or for advice on employment issues, please contact the team on 02380 717717 or visit their section of the website here.


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