Fixed fee divorce packages

We never get married with the idea that one day it will come to an end, but unfortunately almost half of all marriages do end in divorce. 

However, if your marriage has come to an end, we understand how you are feeling and that you will want to deal with things your own way.  It is for this reason that we offer a range of fixed fee divorce packages, with four different options designed to ease the journey and help you in exactly the way you wish:

Classic Divorce

To help you hand in hand through your divorce, supporting you and advising you on a proactive basis throughout.

We have been conducting divorce proceedings for many years under this package as we find that you will require something more than procedural assistance in your situation. The additional support offered through the Classic Divorce can be invaluable at such a difficult and emotional time.

We will address all your needs and questions with the care and consideration you need, and under this package we will provide:

  • Face to face meetings
  • Telephone calls
  • Regular correspondence
  • Fact sheets to explain procedures
  • Negotiations with your spouse/their solicitor
  • Preparation of all Court papers
  • Go on the record/liaise directly with the Court office
  • Step by step updates and advice
  • Peace of mind knowing you can contact us by telephone/correspondence/meetings at any step during the proceedings

The Classic Divorce is charged at our standard hourly rate, which is a maximum of £240+VAT per hour.  We will provide you with a costs estimate before commencing work, however from our many years of experience we have found that the average cost per case would be:

  • Petitioner (party filing for divorce) – £900+VAT, plus court fees
  • Respondent – £550+VAT
Supported Divorce

We will offer you a guiding hand through an undefended divorce.

Our Supported Divorce package is charged at £495+VAT plus court fees, and includes:

  • Correspondence limited to the procedure
  • Fact sheets to explain procedures
  • Preparation of all court papers
  • Go on the court record/liaise directly with the court office

This package does not include obtaining your marriage certificate, negotiations regarding divorce costs or negotiations on any draft papers, however these can be provided with our additional ‘bolt-on’ options*:

  • Obtain a certified copy marriage certificate for you if you have lost or do not have access to yours and were married in the UK- £50+VAT
  • Submit divorce papers to your spouse/solicitor in draft prior to issue (this procedure is advisable in line with resolution protocol) – £75+VAT
  • Include a claim for costs and negotiate with your spouse/solicitor – £75+VAT

*’bolt-on’ options are only available with the Supported Divorce package, and not the Pay as You Go or Kick Start divorce packages.

Remember…you are free at any time to upgrade to our Classic Divorce package.

Pay As You Go Divorce

We will lend a hand for ad hoc advice, while you handle the proceedings yourself.

We will provide you with assistance on a meeting to meeting basis, meaning that you can have the flexibility to do things your way, but with the knowledge we are there to offer you face to face advice whenever you need it.  You will be representing yourself throughout any proceedings and preparing your own court papers.  We will provide guidance on basic court documents, helping you to complete them if required, during the course of our meetings.

Following an initial 1 hour consultation where we will take details about your case and provide preliminary advice, we will then continue to assist you when you need us at pre-arranged meetings.  These meetings will be charged at £240+VAT per meeting.

Work excludes pre-nuptial agreements, and is limited to general advice only, but can include additional issues such as financial or children matters. Payment for the Pay As You Go Divorce is required in full at the conclusion of each separate consultation.

Remember…you are free at any time to upgrade to our Classic Divorce package.

Kick Start Divorce

For £99 including VAT, we will point you in the right direction to enable you to start your own divorce proceedings.  We will do this by providing a package of documents including all necessary court forms and guidance notes to enable YOU to draft, issue and conduct your own proceedings.

Remember…you are free at any time to upgrade to our Classic Divorce package.

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