HR Hangout - Understanding the Menopause

Raising awareness of the symptoms of the menopause and the subsequent impact on female employees and workers has, quite rightly, become an important issue this year for employers.  Ensuring female members of staff feel supported in their work while also remaining productive is a fine balancing act, and it is important that employers act accordingly, not only for the wellbeing of their workforce but to avoid potential tribunal claims. 

Our final HR Hangout of 2021 will discuss the menopause in an interactive setting, giving you the opportunity to share best practice and learn directly from your fellow attendees who will undoubtedly be experiencing similar issues. 

This online event on Wednesday 15th December running from 10am until 11am will focus specifically on the menopause, and will discuss the following topics:

  •          Menopause awareness
  •          How menopause fits into your diversity and inclusion policy
  •          Menopause and Employment Law
  •          Reducing the risk of menopause related ER issues

You’ll come away from this event with valuable tools to assist you and your managers in managing the menopause in your business, with attendance charged at just £25 plus VAT.  To register, complete the form or email  We will then be in touch regarding payment for the event. 

For our Peace of Mind Members, you can use attendance to the HR Hangout as one of your two free places included within your membership.

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