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Natalie Rawson

GDPR - Much Ado About Nothing?

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GDPR has been effective for almost six months now and the Information Commissioner’s Office (“ICO”) has prosecuted or taken other enforcement action (and imposed monetary penalties, enforcement notices, or demanded undertakings)...

Taylor report focusses on gig economy and cash in hand workers

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A recently published report has been met with mixed reactions on how it will reform our current working practices. The Matthew Taylor report, Employment Practices in the Modern Economy, reviews areas such as the ‘gig economy’ and makes recommendations on proposals such as stronger incentives for firms to treat workers fairly and a more pro-active approach to workplace health. Natalie Rawson, Employment Lawyer, here reviews the key areas of the report and explains what it means for employers and employees in the future.

Gig Economy; the end or a beginning?

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The phrase ‘Gig Economy’ was coined during the financial crisis in 2009 which saw record levels of unemployment in the UK. A proportion of those affected made a living by ‘gigging’ on a flexible, ad hoc basis. Instead of receiving a regular wage they were paid per ‘gig’.