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Naomi Walton

What happens if I can't find a Will?

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After the death of a loved one, you will understandably be grieving, feeling many different emotions and adjusting to this new chapter in your life. You may also be faced with the administration of their estate, however if you aren’t able to locate the Will this could raise more questions and delay matters at an already difficult time. Naomi Walton, Paralegal in our Private Client department, explains more here about how you can proceed if you’re not able to find the Will and what rules apply in this situation.

Do unmarried couples need a Will?

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The phrase ‘common law marriage’ has been a widespread misconception for many years, with cohabiting couples under the impression that should one of them pass away, the other would have the same rights as a spouse or civil partner with their estate passing automatically to them. This is not the case however, and with the number of cohabiting couples on the rise each year, it has never been more important to understand your position. Naomi Walton, Paralegal, in our Private Client department, explains more about why you should write your Will if you are an unmarried couple and the considerations you should make.

Covid-19 and the perils of DIY Wills

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The last 12 months of the Covid-19 pandemic have seen more people than ever begin to put their affairs in order through writing their Wills and arranging Lasting Powers of Attorney. While the world continues to turn to more digital tools as we work and live remotely, this has also seen the rise in so-called “DIY Wills”. For some, these can be a useful, time saving tool, however for the majority of people this can leave stones unturned regarding concerns around the validity of the will, Inheritance Tax, Trusts, the consequences of multiple marriages, potential disputes between beneficiaries and understanding the varying types of Will that could protect your loved ones in the future.

Naomi Walton, Paralegal in our Private Client department, discusses more here about the rise of DIY Wills, the pitfalls that people can face and why seeking legal advice will always be the beneficial route to follow.

Saying thanks with a poem

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Following on from the news that 97% of our clients were happy with our services and would use us again, we can now also confirm that our clients are so satisifed with our work, they’ll tell us so in poetry!