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Bill Pollinger

What happens to an unclaimed estate if a person dies without a Will?

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Writing a Will is one of the most important documents anyone will make during their lifetime, and yet according to research conducted by Prudential last year, 59% of adults have not written a Will. Dying without a Will leads to complications, but when there are no known family members it can become an even more tricky process.

Opening up to dementia

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With the number of people suffering from dementia on the rise, the theme for this year’s Dementia Awareness Week could not be more appropriate. Running from the 14th to 20th May, this year the Alzheimer’s Society who organise the event, are asking people to open up about dementia.

Relatives of missing persons offered a lifeline

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When a loved one goes missing our first thoughts are of finding them safe and well and returning them home. Over time, if they are not found, while that feeling never leaves, other concerns come to the front, such as financial and legal responsibilities. The Presumption of Death Act came into force on 1st October 2014.