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Why work for Warner Goodman?

We live in an ever evolving, competitive society, not only when it comes to business but also recruitment, retention and skills availability whilst a market rate salary remains important more people are looking for job satisfaction and proof of an employer’s care and dedication to their employees; surprising as it may sound, a recent survey by YouGov showed that 64% of employees would rather have a job they love that pays poorly rather than a job they hate that pays well. 

Part of their enjoyment is for an employee to feel supported in their health and wellbeing.  This week is mental health awareness week, and here at Warner Goodman, we take proactive steps to ensure that our employees’ mental health is supported by the firm, creating productive employees.  The Government Office for Science defines mental wellbeing as “a dynamic state in which the individual is able to develop their potential, work productively and creatively, build strong and positive relationships with others, and contribute to their community. It is enhanced when an individual is able to fulfil their personal and social goals and achieve a sense of purpose in society”. Here, we demonstrate to you how we assist employees to reach their optimum state of mental wellbeing, as defined in this quote.

How do we encourage our employees to develop their potential?

As a firm, we are very keen to support our employees through their whole career in terms of both their professional qualifications but also their aspirations to become Partners in the future.  Many of our current Partners started their careers in the firm as office juniors, secretaries and Trainee Solicitors.  We provide many different routes to promotion; as well as the traditional route to become a Solicitor we also support our employees to become Chartered Legal Executives, Paralegals and Legal Executives through CILEX.

How do we encourage our employees’ to work productively and creatively?

We adopt a flexible approach to working to allow our employees to achieve their full potential.  Where possible, we accommodate flexible working requests, working from home requests and we operate an open door policy that if any employee is feeling pressured and find themselves working unreasonable hours, we will support them to find a solution to keep their work-life balance in tact. 

According to an online survey carried out by the National Office of Statistics, only 29% of employees take a full hour for lunch every day.  No doubt this low percentage comes from a fear and myth amongst employees that those who take a full hour for lunch are not committed to their jobs.  We encourage our employees to take their hour lunch break, and to take it away from the office to experience a life outside of our firm.  If an employee needs to attend a personal appointment, subject to supervisor approval, we allow employees to attend appointments and make the time up within a certain timeframe.

Our open door policy reaches beyond when our employees may be struggling, as we also encourage everyone to be approachable and discuss provoking and challenging thoughts and ideas; allowing all those across the firm to take creative approaches towards legal processes.

Our staff handbook includes a stress management policy, whereby members of staff are encouraged to attend courses/view webinars so that they can have an awareness and ability to detect the signs of stress.

How do we allow our employees’ to develop strong and positive relationships with others?

Our clients are important and we aim to provide them with excellent service from happy, productive and motivated employees.  We therefore treat our employees as if they were also clients, focussing on developing strong and positive relationships amongst our employees.

We operate a social club in each of our offices, where several social events take place throughout the year at discounted prices. This allows employees from across the firm to get to know each other and build strong and positive personal and professional relationships, something which proves useful when referring a client to a different department! We also hold an annual Christmas and summer party, where all offices gather together, broadening our relationships with one another throughout the firm.

Through the friendly nature and approach of our staff, employees feel they can comfortably confide in supervisors, should the need arise.  We acknowledge that employees occasionally struggle with stress, workloads, and personal circumstances.  We operate on the basis that employees will receive support, both within the firm and externally through our membership with an Employee Assistance Programme which provides counselling and other methods of support, easing the anxiety an employee may be faced with through difficult times.

How do we allow our employees to contribute to their community?

We have developed strong relationships with many local charities, and have participated in cake days, dress down days, half marathons, and sponsored walks. Employees are encouraged to participate in such events, to allow them to have an established and strong sense of community.

If you are interested in a career at Warner Goodman please regularly check the recruitment page on our website for any vacancies we may have.