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Client Data

Purpose. We process your data in order to act for you and so that we can contact you, bill you and collect payment from you.

Legitimate Interest.  We have a legitimate interest in doing that and it is also necessary to allow us to fulfil our contractual obligations to you.

Marketing. If we were to use your data in order to send you marketing material about services other than those that we have previously provided, or discussed with you, we will only do so with your consent. That consent can be withdrawn by you at any time.

Those with whom we share it. All our digital data is stored off site at a secure data centre. Otherwise your data is only shared with those with whom we have to share it for the purposes of your matter or your contract with us - for example HM Land Registry, the Courts, your barrister, your mortgagee, insurance company or the other people involved in your transaction.

Retention. Your data will be retained in our systems for as long as we hold your file after completion of the matter. Further information on this can be found in your terms of engagement letter and the accompanying terms of business.

Why we need your data. Without your data we would not have the information necessary to be able to act for you.

Where we get it. Most of your data held by us will have come from you. Some may have been obtained from eg an involved estate agent or public registers or other people and organisations involved in your matter.