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Business Contact Data of individuals

Purpose. We process your data to enable us to contact you in your role within your organisation and in order to record any information that you provide to us. That contact may include sending you a newsletter or marketing material but only if they are relevant to your role. We may also need to use it in order that we can recommend the goods and services of your organisation to others.

Legitimate Interest.  We have a legitimate interest in using your data for those purposes. We do not need your consent. You can however at any time tell us that you do not wish to us to contact you again at all, or that you do not wish to receive marketing material.

Those with whom we share it. All our digital data is stored off site at a secure data centre. Otherwise your data is shared with those who need it for the purposes of the commercial cooperation between our respective organisations or where necessary in connection with any client matter to which you are relevant. We may also share your data with others to whom we are recommending the goods or services of your organisation.

Retention. Your contact and other data will only be held for as long as you retain your role in your organisation or, if it was relevant to a client matter, for so long as we store the file and digital records of that matter.

Why we need your data. You data is needed principally so that we can contact you and otherwise for the purpose set out above.

Where we got it. The usual source of your data is you. On occasions we may obtain it from your colleagues, form mutual clients or from publicity material published by your organisation or publicly available directories.