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Warner Goodman News and Articles

More positive news for the Hampshire housing market

Jun 27, 2017
The recently published Housing Price Index has shown more positive news for home owners across Hampshire.  Paul Winslade, Residential Property Partner, reveals the latest figures and what this means f...

What are Civil Restraint Orders?

Jun 20, 2017
Civil restraint orders (CROs) prevent individuals from bringing claims or applications which are without merit. CROs normally require their subject to obtain court permission before further claims or ...

Gig Economy; the end or a beginning?

Jun 20, 2017
The phrase ‘Gig Economy’ was coined during the financial crisis in 2009 which saw record levels of unemployment in the UK. A proportion of those affected made a living by ‘gigging&rs...

Change of rules on unjustified threats

Jun 20, 2017
Outside specialist lawyer/IP practitioner circles the risks or benefits of legal action against unjustified threats are little known. This cause of action is only applicable to intellectual property i...