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Warner Goodman News and Articles

GDPR - Are you too late? Probably not.

Apr 24, 2018
This article is directed particularly to those “fortunate” individuals responsible for GDPR compliance in their organisations.  It is anticipated that in answer to the question are yo...

Employment Law Case Update: Lofty v Hamis

Apr 19, 2018
The Equality Act 2010 provides protection against discrimination which relates to certain listed characteristics which people may possess, including disability. Section 6 of the Act defines disability...

What are my pension rights

Apr 18, 2018
According to Francis Goss, chief commercial officer at consultancy AHC, employees, especially younger workers, do not understand their pension rights and could be risking their financial stability in ...

Employment Law Case Update: Brazel v Harpur Trust

Apr 12, 2018
Ms Brazel was a visiting music teacher at a school run by the Harpur Trust. Employed under a zero hour’s contract, she worked mainly during school term-time, between 32 and 35 weeks a year. The ...

Avoiding hedge wars

Apr 6, 2018
As budding gardeners head out into their garden at this time of year, Helen Porter, Property Dispute Solicitor, is often asked how far can you cut back your neighbour’s overhanging tree or ...