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Seven out of ten people die without making a Will. This is known as dying intestate. If you have not made a Will then look at the link further down this page to see how your estate would be distributed if you died – irrespective of your own wishes or the particular needs of your family or loved ones.

Isn’t it time you made a Will?

Did you know that a widow or widower will not necessarily inherit the whole estate of their spouse? Other relatives may be entitled to a share of the estate and this may result in hardship for the survivor. Unmarried couples have no rights under the intestacy rules, so if one cohabite dies the other will not inherit unless provision was made in a Will.

These rules are changed from time to time by the Government, so unless you have made a Will the distribution of your estate will be affected automatically by any changes made.

Making a Will is not expensive. It can save considerable expense and much heartache later.

Good reasons for making a Will

  • You can decide who will benefit from your estate
  • You can ensure that any inheritance tax liability arising from your death is kept to a minimum
  • You can appoint guardians for your children
  • You can decide at what age your children should inherit
  • You can decide whom to appoint as your executors. They are the people who will administer your estate and ensure that your wishes are carried out
  • If you are divorced or separated it is often very important to make a Will
  • You can leave particular items of your estate to specific people

With the growing use of online technologies to manage banking, shopping, investments, photos and music, as well as the increase in social media use, it’s also important that you consider these aspects of your life when making a Will.

There are different types of Will that could provide extra benefits to you and your family.  Find out from the team in their video below how a Life Interest Trust Will could be the right Will for you:

We are happy to visit you at home if travelling is difficult

Once you have decided to make a Will, the procedure is simple. Give some thought as to how you would wish your estate to be distributed and then arrange an appointment at any of our offices in Fareham, Portsmouth or Southampton. A draft Will is then prepared after the appointment and sent to you to approve.

When you are happy with its contents the final copy is prepared and arrangements are made for you to sign. In our experience most people are pleasantly surprised at how simple it all is. Often the most difficult decision to be taken is making the appointment in the first place.

For more information please contact the Private Client Team on 01329 222075 or email us at

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