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Employment Law Seminars 2018

We understand that keeping ahead of the game is not easy when it comes to Employment Law Legislation. As a result, we do the work for you.

Our Employment Law seminars are aimed at HR professionals and Management, although the information is relevant for anyone in business. We turn the legal jargon into practical issues which you can relate to. By doing this, we ensure that you are informed on how legal issues and the changing employment law environment will affect you.

We aim to cover a variety of topics in 2018; for our full seminar listing please click here.  The free employment law seminars we will be running in 2018 include: 

Employees make the world go around – Wednesday 7th March

“Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.”

Some words famously spoken by Richard Branson, and to help you achieve this in your business, our first seminar of 2018 will give you the tools to keep your employees motivated, happy and loyal.

During the morning, we will focus on a number of areas for planning your employment strategy to help you attract and retain your employees. We will:

  • Review flexible working requests
  • Explain the changes needed to employment contracts as employees move their way through your company
  • Give you practical tips on how the appraisal system can support your plans
  • Highlight the importance of a retirement policy, not only to avoid age discrimination but also to demonstrate your succession planning goals.

As always, you won’t leave disappointed… so book your place today!

Sexual harassment in the workplace – Thursday 7th June

Allegations of sexual misconduct were one of the focal points of 2017, driving the “Time’s Up” movement from the Hollywood elite. While the Weinstein scandal drew the press attention, employers should also pay attention to any accusations within the workplace from their employees, both male and female.

In our second seminar of the year, we will use a case scenario, as well as case law, to present to you on how to manage allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace, including:

  • The initial conversation
  • The procedures that should be followed following the accusation
  • The responsibilities of the employer should the employee making the accusation resign
  • How to manage historical claims in the workplace
  • When an accusation is made against customers or clients opposed to colleagues

You will leave our seminar feeling confident and understanding the importance of following correct procedures when it comes to handling allegations of sexual harassment, and what those procedures are…so make sure you book your place today!

Pulling a Sickie – Wednesday 5th September

Sickness is a reality for all businesses…employees are human and it’s part of life that we fall ill occasionally. Our seminar will help equip you with how to deal with genuine cases of long or short term sickness…as well as the not so genuine (did you know there’s a National Sickie Day?!)

We will be discussing what to do when your employees are off sick and the appropriate steps to take, including

  • return to work meetings,
  • Occupational Health,
  • making reasonable adjustments and
  • how to avoid disability discrimination claims.

12 Days of Christmas! – Thursday 22nd November

Our final seminar of the year is always a time for us to embrace the festive period...and what better way to do that than bring you a seminar reviewing any new legislation introduced throughout the year, and to look ahead to 2019. We may not quite be able to present 12...but we will ensure you are ready to face what lies ahead of you in the new year!

Further details for the events will be released nearer the time…to make sure you don’t miss out on being the first to receive them directly, email  

To see for yourself how you can benefit from attending one of our seminars, watch our video below:

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