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Employment Law Masterclasses 2018

Along with our schedule of free employment law seminars, we also offer a range of employment law masterclasses.  Our masterclasses, run by our expert team of employment lawyers, are run for much smaller audiences, therefore allowing us to examine topics in more detail than the seminars allow.

For our full event listings of our 2018 employment law masterclasses, please click here.

Getting in Gear for GDPR – Wednesday 21st February

The General Data Protection Regulation will replace the Data Protection Act on 25th May 2018, and employers must be prepared! For our first masterclass of the year, we will be joined by our colleagues in our Company Commercial Department, Geoffrey Sturgess and Alice Samuel, who will explain the changes businesses must be making to comply with this revolutionary change in data protection.

As well as a review of the key changes businesses need to make to their policies and procedures for handling personal data, Geoffrey and Alice will also explain the changes specific to those who handle employee data. This will include updates required for certain documentation, such as employment contracts, any implications in terms of recruitment, as well as exploring the process on how to prepare for GDPR, such as data mapping.

Places for this masterclass are charged at £95 + VAT, and are expected to go very quickly, so make sure you book your place today!

Mental Health Check – Tuesday 10th July

The importance of our mental health is becoming more prevalent in today’s society, with more awareness on promoting positive mental health around than ever before.

Mental health issues have a significant impact on our workplaces, including a drop in productivity levels, conflicts with colleagues as well as increased sickness absence. Spotting the signs in your employees early and having effective policies to support, and not isolate those employees, is crucial.

As well as spotting the signs, our masterclass will cover topics including:

  • The processes to manage an employee suffering with poor mental health
  • Involving Occupational Health
  • Potential claims that could arise from incorrect, or unsupportive, management
  • Managing long term sick leave due to poor mental health
  • How to manage potential grievance or disciplinary issues
  • Promoting an environment to encourage conversations about mental health

We will use examples and relevant case law to bring this topic to life, and with spaces likely to go quickly make sure you book your place today.

Compliant Apprenticeships - Tuesday 17th July

Apprenticeships have continued to be in the spotlight since the introduction of the Apprenticeships, Skills Children and Learning Act 2009; it has never been a more important time to ensure that your apprentices have been issued with the correct documentation so as to reduce the risk of an expensive Employment Tribunal claim.

Unfortunately, the law surrounding this area is somewhat vague and case law has been slow to provide us with any real interpretation of the legislation. However, our masterclass aims to provide you with an understanding on the following apprenticeship topics :

  • The employment status implications that may arise if an apprentice has not been issued with a compliant apprenticeship agreement
  • The rules and procedures to use when dismissing an apprentice
  • Clauses that are required in order for an apprenticeship agreement to be compliant
  • Common issues and myths, such as National Minimum Wage, Working Time Regulations and repayment of training costs
  • Recommendations for those that currently have apprentices who have been issued with the wrong documentation

We will use examples, relevant case law and case scenarios to bring this topic to life, and with spaces likely to go quickly make sure you book your place today.

Practice Makes Perfect – Wednesday 17th October

Our Practice Makes Perfect masterclass has become a popular feature in our Masterclass Calendar in recent years, and it’s easy to see why! If handled incorrectly, grievance and disciplinary hearings can easily spiral out of control leaving behind a decline in productivity and staff morale. This can cost a business both financially and in terms of its reputation.

Whether it’s an employee or the employer with a problem or complaint, some HR Managers find that while the legal process comes easily, it’s the practicalities of the meeting that leave them tongue-tied…what questions to ask, who to interview, what shouldn’t you say…the list goes on and on!

Our masterclass will address these concerns; using case scenarios, role play and frequently asked questions about this tricky area of employment law. You will leave our masterclass fully prepared to tackle investigation meetings and disciplinary hearings, from both a legal and practical point of view. Places for these smaller sessions can go very fast so make sure you don’t miss out, and book today!

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